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Summer Sun Holiday Wishlist

With the English sun finally making an appearance in London this week - today it’s a tropical 23 degrees Celsius! - I’ve started daydreaming about the perfect summer holiday. Whether it’s a stylish city break, or a relaxed island sojourn, all of my dream destinations are by the sea – so naturally my mind has also been wandering to the perfect swimwear!

Top of my holiday wishlist right now is the fantastic walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, which you might recognise as King’s Landing from HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Dubrovnik sits beside the Adriatic sea, and with temperatures of up to 28 degrees Celsius in July and August, there’s no better place for picturesque views and pebbly beaches!

Next on my wishlist are the Cinque Terre (The Five Lands) in Liguria, Italy. These five quaint cliffside villages are accessible primarily by train, and are perfect for a peaceful, secluded getaway. Few places are as untouched by modernisation as the Cinque Terre and their remote yet dramatic location is to thank for this. 

Popular with hikers, the Cinque Terre are also a hotspot for scuba diving and boast some sandy beaches in sheltered coves. The Vintage Lazy Summer high waist bikini is top of my list for making the most out of this fab destination, and the colours match the beautifully painted buildings!

Home to two of the most famous beaches on Earth, the lively city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the perfect destination to let your hair down. With bustling markets and vibrant nightlife, the city is a feast for the senses both day and night!

Take your look effortlessly from day to night, beach to club, with the Playful Promises ‘I Love Lala’ swimsuit. Its dynamic print will ensure you stand out in this dazzling city!

Last, but certainly not least, is the Caribbean island of Barbados. With its balmy climate, white sand beaches and turquoise seas, nowhere more embodies the term ‘island paradise’. Top of my list for Barbados would be swimming with turtles, and of course relaxing with a rum punch (or three!).

And top of my list for swimwear would be the Vintage Lazy Summer frilly bikini!


What far-flung places are on top of your holiday wishlist? Are you travelling this year? 

CIFF Copenhagen Tradeshow Diary

After heading to Paris for the lingerie tradeshow, we had just one day in the office before we jetted off again to Copenhagen for the CIFF tradeshow!

Not impressed by this guy on all our passes and plastered all over the venue! We don't approve of sexual assault :(

Not impressed by this guy on all our passes and plastered all over the venue! We don't approve of sexual assault :(

Our booth!

Our booth!

Our flight was at midday on Wednesday the 29th, so we grabbed our bags and got a taxi to Gatwick at 9am. This time we had an extra full suitcase because we were taking both our lingerie AND all of our Whistle & Wolf clothing!

The flight was actually ok, considering both of us don’t like flying AT ALL. We even got to Copenhagen earlier than planned. What was not fun was the walk down off the plane in -4C - it was so cold! Luckily we had packed a lot of layers from our trip, but of course on the plane you aren’t always wrapped up warm. 

We realised that the airport isn’t too far from the Bella Centre, where the tradeshow was being held. We managed to get there, set up, and go to our hotel fairly quickly. We were staying at the Phoenix Copenhagen, which was gorgeous! You have to love a hotel that has a fountain in the middle of the foyer with a rubber duckie on top.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 13.53.58.png
Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 13.59.40.png

Unfortunately it turns out that CIFF, or at least the section that we were in, was not right for our brand. We met a few new people, but in hindsight we feel we should have done a different tradeshow as the brands in CIFF seem to be targeted at an older market and a lot more expensive. From the brands here you’d also think that all scandinavians only like grey and black! This is all a learning curve for us, so next year we might scout out the trade shows before we commit to exhibiting. 

On the plus side, Copenhagen is a wonderful city that would be even more wonderful in the Summer! Luckily for us the snow started to subside on Saturday, so it was a little less painful walking around. 

I went for a walk to Rosenborg Castle, shortly before getting covered in snow!

I went for a walk to Rosenborg Castle, shortly before getting covered in snow!

Love the colours of these buildings along the canal

Love the colours of these buildings along the canal

We ate twice in a restaurant called Ravage, which was REALLY tasty! We also managed to get a table at Geist, a fancy place that is said to be similar to Noma (one of the best restaurants in the world). We had some interesting dishes, including a sheet of avocado with caviar, raw beef with mussels, baked cauliflower (which was surprisingly good) and cod. For dessert, Emma tried the salted wasabi cream toffee and Anna tired the chocolate toast!

Delicious beef stroganoff at Ravage 

Delicious beef stroganoff at Ravage 

Interesting nordic cuisine at  Geist

Interesting nordic cuisine at Geist