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Style: Grunge Glamour

Fancy going for a girly look with a little edge? Add some grunge elements for that perfect night or day look!

Use our Christina satin and mesh longline bra as a bralette (or with the cage straps peeking out of a crop top) teamed with a sparkly pencil skirt then start accessorizing.

For the day, a causal oversized denim jacket and fringed bag with brogues for classic style with a twist. In the evening be bold with a big black felt hat and silver metal cuff combined with metal detailing on a comfortable mid height heel.

1.      Topshop MOTO Oversized Western Jacket £30

2.      River Island black gold sparkle pencil skirt £30

3.      ASOS Western Tassle Suede and Leather Cross Body Bag £30

4.      Office gent Block Heel Lace Up £40

5.      ASOS Felt Fedora Hat with Wide band and stitch edge £20

6.      Miss Selfridge Caged Cuff £10

7.      Urban Outfitters Unif Shoes £80


How do you wear your Cristina bra?

Style: Festival Chic

Planning on going to a festival this year and want to look stylish even when you live in a tent and haven’t showered for days? Take a look at our festival chic style post to always look like a fashion princess!

Start with our Lucy Neon Coral Lace Longline Bra as a base to this statement look; the neon coral colour is suitable for both night and day.

The more accessories the better so hunt out bulky bracelets and bundle bangles together for a thick but fun looking wrist. Headpieces are an essential item to enhance the ultimate festival look. Feathers, beading, Aztec embroidery and bling, you name it! Team this combination together with a fringed jacket for the evening to continue into the night at the after party.

1. ASOS Boho Stone Cuff Bracelet £10.00

2. Office Cleopatra Mid Heel Casual Side Zip, Brown Leather £80 – £45

3. Topshop MOTO Folk Embroidered Hotpants £34

4. Topshop Rhinestone Tribal Headband £12.50

5. River Island Brown laser cut suede fringed cape £95.00

 If you can’t bare the thought of living without your electrical needs fear not you can rock the boho festival look regardless!

How will you wear your Lucy bra?

Makeup Tutorial: Punky Pink

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I was inspired by the Peek & Beau Sophie set for this look; pink doesn't necessarily mean girly! This time I've gone for a grungy combination of pink and black, which could work with various different colours swapped in.

Step 1: Using Sugarpill Dollipop Pressed Eyeshadow and a fairly large eyeshadow brush, apply the colour all over your upper lid in a roughly teardrop shape (wider towards the inner eye, coming to a point on the outer eye). Using a slightly thinner brush, apply the colour underneath the eye, but make sure you aren't bringing it too far down, just along the lash line.

Buff and blend the colour out as you go - as this is a grungy look it doesn't need to be precise but it's more of an organised mess ;)

Step 2: Using Sugarpill Bulletproof pressed eyeshadow blend this into the outer corner of your eye, tapering off to a rough flick. Using the thinner brush apply to the lower lash line, blending out into the pink.

Step 3: To ease the blend between the black and the pink, use the Poison Plum eyeshadow between the two colours. 

Step 4: I've also added a touch of white eyeshadow along the brow bone and inner eye.

Step 5: Finish off with a touch of clear sparkle in the inner eye, add mascara on the top and bottom and even some eyelashes

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Makeup Tutorial: Sea Blue

At Playful Promises we are well-known for our colourful prints, and a new set has just arrived which is a perfect reminder of the rich tones of a warm sea.

I wanted to put together a makeup tutorial inspired by the Flores set, with deep blues and hints of turquoise.

I used all Sugarpill Cosmetics for this look - if you aren't already familiar with Sugarpill, they are an independent brand based in the US. All of the products are cruelty-free and the vast majority are also vegan! Shop for Sugarpill here.

Step 1: Using a brush designed for the crease (normally quite flat to create the more defined crease you are looking for) apply Sugarpill Afterparty Pressed Eyeshadow  along your natural eye crease and flick out at the outer corner. This will be the basic shape of your eye makeup, and as the finish will be cat-eye liner, the bottom of the blue flick will need to be roughly the same curve as your lower lash line.

I've also lined by bottom lid with a blue liner.

Step 2: Use a blending brush in a sweeping motion to gradually drag and blend the colour upwards. To make this blending process a little easier you can use a lighter colour like a white or very light blue to give the ombre effect.

Step 3: Use your crease brush again to add some darker colour into the very base of the crease. I used the Magpie Loose Pigment, which has a slight metallic blue sheen. Use your blending brush again to blend in between Magpie and Afterparty, always blending upwards rather than down.

Step 4: Use a clean brush and add Mochi Pressed Eyeshadow across the lid. Apply and blend into the inner corner and a smaller flick on the outer corner just underneath the blue.

Step 5: Using Hi-Viz Neon Pigment apply just a touch to the inner corner of the eye, which will make the makeup pop. Apply a little to the centre of the lid, blending out into the turquoise.

Step 6: Finally line with black liquid liner into a cat-eye flick - you should be able to follow the basic shape of the blue flick you created earlier, and slant the liner down towards the inner eye. Add mascara or maybe some eyelashes and you're ready to party!

If you use any of the products from our makeup section, make sure you tag #playfulpromises and/or #playfulpromisesmakeup on instagram or twitter so we can take a look!

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Makeup Tips and Trends: Michelle Court

Following on from my previous makeup post, meet bubbly Essex lass Michelle Court who, similar to Katie, decided she wanted to be a makeup artist as a teen when she discovered the transformation mascara made to her eyes. She began experimenting with electric blue mascara (memories for all those 90s kids!).

Multi-talented, trained in airbrushing, special effects and hairdressing, Michelle has been using her creativity in the industry for over a decade and with her incredible experiences any makeup artist aspires to have her success. 

We asked Michelle a few questions about her career, for all those daunted by their future in the industry as a makeup artist. 

What was it like after years of studying to become a professional makeup artist and then be out inthe big wide word on your first paid job?

I remember I felt very nervous on set with my hands shaking, worrying that your work isn’t going to be liked. After I’d finished the makeup and shown the model in the mirror I was still worrying but once the photographer commented ‘the makeup looks great on camera’ there was a sigh of relief, which helped build my confidence. Each shoot from there onwards my confidence has grown.

What has been your favourite job so far and why?

I like the fast pace of a fashion show, but editorial shoots allow me to be more creative and bold. Each shoot is different and I enjoy them all, but the most memorable one I will never forget is Ibiza. I get to travel with work but on this particular occasion I got to stay on an elite 5* yacht, shoot in beautiful million pound villas and magical secluded beaches.

Have you ever been on a shoot and it was an absolute nightmare?

The most awkward moment in my entire career was working on celebrity model Janice Dickinson; she was rude and erratic, bad mouthing all the beautiful models and to top it off said ‘don’t you know who I am?’! I smiled and nodded politely. Once I’d finished working on her face I said ‘ok, you can look in the mirror’ and as she turned to look; our heads collided and I ended up head-butting her!

Finally, for this season will the electric blue mascara be making a reappearance in your makeup bag?

I love experimenting; especially using bold and exciting colours which work well on camera for high fashion shots; but I also like neutral shades. Bright Sugarpill loose powders can create a great look with a subtle lip from Shien cosmetics. My motto is: you’re only as good as your last work, so experiment and enjoy!

Check out Michelle's work for inspiration at

And don't forget that you can shop for Sugarpill, Shien Cosmetics and Cirque Colors on our website!

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