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A Day In The Life: Fl*sh You & Me

You may have noticed the stunning designs of one of our guest brands, Fl*sh You & Me.

Straight from Latvia, the brand is known for it's sensual lingerie and bondage-inspired harnesses at a low to medium price point - we just love their designs!

We asked designer Līva Šteina about what her day comprises of!

07:00 I get woken up by my 11 month old son Leons at about seven. I start my day playing with him for a bit, and while doing that I review the sketches I made the previous evening – if you get until the end of my day, you’ll know why.

08:00 One hour later, I drink my morning coffee and eat something sweet. If I don’t get my morning dose of caffeine and sugar, I can get a bit grumpy! To lift my spirits, I check online for new orders and reviews. I read my emails and look through my Instagram feed – it’s a major source of inspiration for me, and I like to see what lingerie enthusiasts and other designers have put up.

11:00 At about eleven, my baby takes a nap. This is the perfect time to do some sketching. I do it for an hour until Leons wakes up. Then I’m on my way to the Flash You and Me studio – sometimes I take my son with me, but sometimes he stays home with his dad, my husband and the director of our company Raimonds. We are a family business, so there is a crib and some toys in the studio.

12:00 At noon, I arrive at the studio to meet my ginger pack – that’s what I call my seamstresses because the majority of them have dyed red hair just like me. There are five seamstresses and a marketing & sales specialist working for us. We celebrate our birthdays and sometimes have movie nights together. And when we are developing new products, our employees test them – it’s like a part of the job description! ☺

At work, I check the processed orders and work on the custom patterns for our bralettes; we offer them to make sure that every customer gets the best fit for their body. Then I collect my sketches and rearrange them, trying to imagine how they would look on a catwalk. We are applying for the Riga Fashion Week with our SS2016 collection, which will show off lingerie as a centerpiece for an outfit, so I’m sketching, revising and sketching all over again like crazy!

I’m also thinking of new products and directions that the brand could take. Right now we are developing our first underwire bras, which is a very common demand from our customers. And because our newest collection will be based around the lingerie as daywear trend, we are working on transparent beach wear and swimsuits, as well as kimonos.

The prototype of Fl*sh You & Me's first underwired bralette

The prototype of Fl*sh You & Me's first underwired bralette

19:00 I finish everything I had been working on that day and take time to appreciate the results! Then I meet my wonderful husband and we talk about our day, but we have one rule in our household – no more talking about work after 20:00! We eat dinner and have some precious family time.

After the baby goes to sleep, I watch the latest horror movies and TV shows about vampires while making new sketches – I have to check them in the morning to make sure I haven’t been influenced by them too much ☺

Style: Grunge Glamour

Fancy going for a girly look with a little edge? Add some grunge elements for that perfect night or day look!

Use our Christina satin and mesh longline bra as a bralette (or with the cage straps peeking out of a crop top) teamed with a sparkly pencil skirt then start accessorizing.

For the day, a causal oversized denim jacket and fringed bag with brogues for classic style with a twist. In the evening be bold with a big black felt hat and silver metal cuff combined with metal detailing on a comfortable mid height heel.

1.      Topshop MOTO Oversized Western Jacket £30

2.      River Island black gold sparkle pencil skirt £30

3.      ASOS Western Tassle Suede and Leather Cross Body Bag £30

4.      Office gent Block Heel Lace Up £40

5.      ASOS Felt Fedora Hat with Wide band and stitch edge £20

6.      Miss Selfridge Caged Cuff £10

7.      Urban Outfitters Unif Shoes £80


How do you wear your Cristina bra?

Style: Festival Chic

Planning on going to a festival this year and want to look stylish even when you live in a tent and haven’t showered for days? Take a look at our festival chic style post to always look like a fashion princess!

Start with our Lucy Neon Coral Lace Longline Bra as a base to this statement look; the neon coral colour is suitable for both night and day.

The more accessories the better so hunt out bulky bracelets and bundle bangles together for a thick but fun looking wrist. Headpieces are an essential item to enhance the ultimate festival look. Feathers, beading, Aztec embroidery and bling, you name it! Team this combination together with a fringed jacket for the evening to continue into the night at the after party.

1. ASOS Boho Stone Cuff Bracelet £10.00

2. Office Cleopatra Mid Heel Casual Side Zip, Brown Leather £80 – £45

3. Topshop MOTO Folk Embroidered Hotpants £34

4. Topshop Rhinestone Tribal Headband £12.50

5. River Island Brown laser cut suede fringed cape £95.00

 If you can’t bare the thought of living without your electrical needs fear not you can rock the boho festival look regardless!

How will you wear your Lucy bra?

Makeup Tutorial: Punky Pink

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I was inspired by the Peek & Beau Sophie set for this look; pink doesn't necessarily mean girly! This time I've gone for a grungy combination of pink and black, which could work with various different colours swapped in.

Step 1: Using Sugarpill Dollipop Pressed Eyeshadow and a fairly large eyeshadow brush, apply the colour all over your upper lid in a roughly teardrop shape (wider towards the inner eye, coming to a point on the outer eye). Using a slightly thinner brush, apply the colour underneath the eye, but make sure you aren't bringing it too far down, just along the lash line.

Buff and blend the colour out as you go - as this is a grungy look it doesn't need to be precise but it's more of an organised mess ;)

Step 2: Using Sugarpill Bulletproof pressed eyeshadow blend this into the outer corner of your eye, tapering off to a rough flick. Using the thinner brush apply to the lower lash line, blending out into the pink.

Step 3: To ease the blend between the black and the pink, use the Poison Plum eyeshadow between the two colours. 

Step 4: I've also added a touch of white eyeshadow along the brow bone and inner eye.

Step 5: Finish off with a touch of clear sparkle in the inner eye, add mascara on the top and bottom and even some eyelashes

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