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Have a Playful Christmas!

It’s that time of year when the Christmas party invites come rolling in, but you just don’t know what to wear. Luckily, Playful have got you covered with some hot party outfit options including some of our super diverse lingerie!

Get Cape!

Everyone has a LBD in their wardrobe right? Instead of recycling the same old dress you’ve worn that past three parties, this time dress it up with the luxe Elvira cape! The lace compliments any block colour and the cape gives an extra layer of warmth during these chilly months. Accessorize with gold accents.

Sex Up a Summer Dress

This one is for those who can brave the cold - a pretty wrap-around dress is the perfect match for the Meret bra. Wear it so it peeks underneath the neckline. We love the colour-pop of the Meret Red, but the Meret Black would be a good option for those with darker tendencies.

Pyjama Party!

The silk PJ as outerwear was a staple of this years fashion trends. Our Red and Black Smoking Suit is the perfect transition from nightwear to partywear - just tuck in to a mini skirt and you’re giving effortless cool. Whats more - when you get home, you just need to chuck on the bottoms and you’re ready for bed!

Layer it Up

The Toyen Black is the perfect set to pair with a sheer dress or top, given it’s textured lace and fishnet and full-coverage style. One it's under this sheer lace dress, just a cheeky peek of skin will be on show! If you want a more daring look, why not try the Red Toyen instead?

Leather and Lace

This one is perfect for cocktails and partying! Layer the Assa over a brightly coloured pleather skirt and a leather jacket on top. The longline style of the Assa makes it perfect for styling with high waisted skirts and trousers.

Which of these outfit ideas is your favourite? Will you be wearing Playful this Christmas?

Make Halloween Playful!

Halloween is creeping up on us - we’ve already got our pumpkin-carving knifes at the ready. The invites are rolling in for fancy dress parties or events, but are you still stuck for a costume? No worries, because Playful have got you sorted for last-minute costume ideas! Even better, our UK customers can get their orders sent via 24 hour delivery, and US and Canada customers get theirs within 1-5 days. For everyone else, it’s around 10 working days from dispatch so get in there fast!

Costume Idea #1 - Vampira


Otherwise known as Maila Nurmi, best known for her role as the glamour ghoul seductress from cult movie Plan 9 From Outer Space. Her killer waist could easily be replicated with our incredible Bettie Page Vinyl Fetish corset. Cinch it over a floor-length, figure-hugging dress and draw those eyebrows high and pointy! The bodysuit from the Kitten Costume would be a good substitute for the dress, paired with a floor-length skirt (or even some creative draping of black velvet!)

Costume Idea #2 - Madonna

Recreate this iconic Madonna-in-Jean-Paul-Gaultier look with the Peach Futuristic Retro Bullet Bra. Pair with some black tights and a Peach High Waist Brief, and cinch your waist with a belt. Scrape your hair into a high pony and slick some red lipstick on, along with strong eyebrows.

Costume Idea #3 - Devilish Bettie Page

This image inspired our version of the Devil Costume! This costume is very low-maintenance as we’ve done all the work for you by creating a bodysuit with a hood and tail. If you want to recreate Bettie’s look, pop on some sheer black tights. For a cheekier look, go bare-legged with some killer heels.

Costume Idea #4 - Black Cat

Bettie Page cat outfit.jpg

A black cat is a classic Halloween costume idea! Especially if you leave it to the last minute, hastily drawing some whiskers on your face and fashioning a tail out of a pair of old tights. Polish this look with the Bettie Page Kitten Costume! We think this would look fabulous with some fishnets.

Costume Idea #5 - Magenta from Rocky Horror

Bettie Page apron.jpg

Any lingerie lover is familiar with Rocky Horror - we all want an excuse to head to the theatre in a corset and stockings! Recreate the iconic Magenta costume with our Bettie Page Maid Costume. Make them shiver with antici……PATION by wearing it as is, or if you want to cover up a little more, wear a black dress with the apron over the top.

Costume Idea #6 - Beetlejuice

Beatrix ivory core.jpg

Become the Ghost with the Most in the Beatrix Ivory set! Wear the waspie over a black and white outfit with a little of the bra showing, powder your face to get that ghoulish look and go crazy with the black eyeshadow.

Costume Idea #7 - Baywatch Babe


This super-easy, super-90s costume is for those who don’t mind it being a bit chilly out this Halloween! All you need is the Hally swimsuit from our sister brand Wolf & Whistle a rescue buoy and some beachy waves in your hair to get the look. Extra points if you slow-motion run everywhere..

Which costume idea is your favourite? Will you be wearing Playful Promises for Halloween this year? If so, tag us in your looks on Instagram!

Playful Promises Macmillan Bake Off!

At PP, we love two things - eating, and doing stuff for good causes. Enter the Macmillan cake morning - which takes place on Friday the 28th September nationwide. People from all different companies, organisations, groups, families and friends can get together and share a slice and a cup of tea, for a donation to the cause.

2018-09-28 124607.091.JPG

Macmillan Cancer Support is a charity which helps people who are affected by cancer - whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are in treatment, finished treatment or you know someone with cancer - Macmillan are there for you. They provide help and advice, as well as support groups, an online community and free resources.

In the UK, it’s estimated that 2.5 million people are living with cancer (2015), and it’s set to rise to 4 million by 2030. Breast cancer is among the most common. One in two people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. With this in mind, it’s something that has, at some stage, affected all of us. Therefore, it’s even more crucial that we help them get the funding they need

To get the ball rolling and in honour of the late Mary Berry, we decided to participate in a Playful Promises Bake Off! Our co-workers baked different goods and brought them along to the cake morning to be judged.

Here are some of the entries:

 Katy’s Giant Rainbow Cake

Katy’s Giant Rainbow Cake

 Sian’s Salted Caramel Surprise, complete with Leopard Print sponge!

Sian’s Salted Caramel Surprise, complete with Leopard Print sponge!

 Anneliese’s Quiches - which totally rhymes

Anneliese’s Quiches - which totally rhymes

 Michaela’s Chocolate & Banana Loaf

Michaela’s Chocolate & Banana Loaf

 Hanna’s Espresso Martini Cupcakes

Hanna’s Espresso Martini Cupcakes

 Rainbow’s adorable tiny Madeleines!

Rainbow’s adorable tiny Madeleines!

 Becky’s London Fog Cake… Which was a cake-tastrophe!

Becky’s London Fog Cake… Which was a cake-tastrophe!

Let’s just say it’s a good thing some of us aren’t bakers!! We’re currently anxiously awaiting who will be crowned Star Baker…

We managed to raise £275!

A huge well done to all the PP team for participating and donating to the cause. If you want to donate, you can head to the Macmillan website and donate online, or why not hold your own coffee morning?

Interview: Anastasia Garcia

If you’ve been following Playful Promises for any length of time, you’ll probably have noticed how femme empowerment and diversity is extremely important to us. We’re constantly striving to expand our size range and options, as well as featuring a wide range of our customers on our social media. Which is why, when it came to needing a photographer for our Hunter McGrady swimwear collaboration, we were extremely excited by Anastasia Garcia’s portfolio!


Not only is Anastasia an amazing photographer, but her portfolio is full of diverse, beautiful people that have stepped in front of her lens. Having worked with Hunter before, and well-versed in shooting plus size campaigns and models (including Tess Holliday, Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence, Danielle Brooks and more), she was the perfect choice.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot here, and check out the stunning results here!

Want to find out more about Anastasia? She was kind enough to answer a few questions about her work, body positivity, and how the industry is changing.

Could you tell us a little bit about your photography and how long you've been shooting?

I'm a fashion photographer, and body activist based in New York City. I’ve been shooting for eight years. I am passionate about creating imagery that celebrate women in a variety of shapes, sizes, races, and abilities. My photography is a tool to help empower women, and encourage women to love themselves, and to love their bodies. It’s my hope that my imagery will inspire, and serve the people viewing it, instead of damaging them, as so much fashion imagery has done. 


What drives you to photography?

Above all, photography is my chosen medium for artistic expression. I went to art school, and learned first and foremost how to be an artist. Photography has always been a way for me to express my perspective of the world.  To illustrate the world (or in my case women, and fashion) how I see it.


As a female photographer, do you find the photography industry inclusive? 

No, I don’t find this industry to be inclusive. We’re starting to see more diverse models popping up in magazines, and in campaigns. (I put emphasis on the word starting, because we still have SO far to go.) But we aren’t talking about diversity behind the lens. The photography industry is very much a white male dominated industry. People of color are largely left out (as creatives), and plus size folks are also left out.  The industry truly needs to become more inclusive behind the scenes. We need people who can authentically speak to different experiences, to be seated at the table. 


There's such a wonderful, diverse range of body shapes/types in your portfolio, could you tell us more about this?

I am a plus size woman, who grew up looking at fashion magazines, films, music videos etc. For most of my life I hated myself because I didn’t fit into a mold of what was “conventionally beautiful” (read: thin). I began dieting at 12 years old, so I could look more like the girls in the magazines, or on TV. I felt flawed and disgusting for so much of my life. When I began my education as a photography student, I knew that I loved fashion. I knew that I wanted to make the type of inspiring images I was seeing in the most influential fashion magazines. And moving through my education, I understood that fashion models looked “a certain way”. I understood that if I wanted to “make it,” I would have to shoot a specific-sized woman (read: size 0-2). Another body type didn’t feel like an option. In the beginning, I didn’t care. I just wanted to be a well-known fashion photographer, like Annie Leibovitz. It wasn’t until I was presented with the opportunity to speak up for plus size women, at work, that I realized I needed to re-evaluate who I was shooting, and why. From that moment on I began shifting the focus of my lens to include a more diverse range of bodies, and races. I realized that as a photographer I had a responsibility to not continue to perpetuate the same destructive (and unrealistic) beauty standards that damaged me growing up. It’s been eight years, and I haven’t turned back since. I believe all shapes, sizes, races, abilities, and ages are beautiful. I think it’s time media reflect the beautiful and diverse people of this world. 


What advice would you give to plus size women getting in front of the camera?

It’s easier said than done…  but don’t over think it. The camera can read everything…  so just have fun! Learning how to be a great model takes years of practice. It’s all a process of trial and error… so try to enjoy the process and just have fun!


How do you think the fashion industry could make plus size women feel included?

By including us more! Put us in magazines, and not just in a small image front of book. Give us covers. Gives us 8-page fashion spreads. Cast us in films, and TV shows…. and not as “the poor fat girl”. Let’s create media together that tells our stories, and showcases our beauty. 

I also believe the fashion industry could be more conscious not just about the women they put in front of the camera, but also the talent they hire behind the scenes. We don’t JUST need more visibility of plus bodies (although more of that please), we also need more body diversity behind the scenes.