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Madonnelle of Rome

Rain, rain, go away.

Factor 50 for porcelain skin, squeaky flip flops and sunglasses that make you look important (nobody knows who you are, you could be famous for all they know). Yes it may seem a comical combination but when on holiday nothing seems as wonderful as having the weather to wear your diva shades without judgement and getting out those painted toenails after lathering your body with sun cream. Now back in the UK with drizzly rain and downpours, nobody will get to see that vintage lazy summer floral bikini… unless we’re given another heat wave that is, OR you just feel that anyone and everyone must see it despite the rain!

Suffering from the holiday blues, reminiscing of that city break to Rome which is long gone, why not look back even further. Historians, cut me some slack on my brief upcoming facts!

Known as a holy city, when waltzing through the streets of Rome, those who have been may notice Madonnelle (little Madonna) is framed on street corners, made from mosaic, marble and even wood for the purpose of spirit protection.

Positioned in-between two windows, these sacred images combined with angels were very popular with the lower classes, currently you can count over 500 in the streets of Rome! But don’t try to find them all at once, it would only lead to you stopping at every water tap in sight and there’s probably nearly the same amount as there are Madonelle’s!

Every year a procession takes place of a statue of Madonna Fiumarola being carried across the river Tiber, through the streets and neighbourhoods of Trastevere. This continues the Italian tradition from the early 1500s, when the statue was donated to the Basilica of San Crisogono after found by fisherman in Corsica. Trastevere is filled with events of theatre, music and food festivals to lure in tourists during this time, which slightly loses the popularity of the event with the Italian people. However, this event still remains its strong religious elements.

You may not find yourself a religious believer, but it's impossible to not be drawn to the architecture the city has to offer, all with pious elements attached. So instead of waiting to visit Rome, be a saintly figure wherever you go in our Magdalene set. The central colourfully kitsch print combined with black chunky fishnet side panels on the bra and briefs shows a good girl going bad.