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Makeup Tutorial: Punky Pink

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I was inspired by the Peek & Beau Sophie set for this look; pink doesn't necessarily mean girly! This time I've gone for a grungy combination of pink and black, which could work with various different colours swapped in.

Step 1: Using Sugarpill Dollipop Pressed Eyeshadow and a fairly large eyeshadow brush, apply the colour all over your upper lid in a roughly teardrop shape (wider towards the inner eye, coming to a point on the outer eye). Using a slightly thinner brush, apply the colour underneath the eye, but make sure you aren't bringing it too far down, just along the lash line.

Buff and blend the colour out as you go - as this is a grungy look it doesn't need to be precise but it's more of an organised mess ;)

Step 2: Using Sugarpill Bulletproof pressed eyeshadow blend this into the outer corner of your eye, tapering off to a rough flick. Using the thinner brush apply to the lower lash line, blending out into the pink.

Step 3: To ease the blend between the black and the pink, use the Poison Plum eyeshadow between the two colours. 

Step 4: I've also added a touch of white eyeshadow along the brow bone and inner eye.

Step 5: Finish off with a touch of clear sparkle in the inner eye, add mascara on the top and bottom and even some eyelashes

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