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Makeup Tips and Trends: Katie Mannix

Makeup, like anything, evolves over time; over thousands of years. From lipstick created from red pigmented minerals, lashes blackened with soot to chalk used to whiten complexion.

Throughout time there has always been a slight adaption to create different looks; however during the Victorian era, makeup was associated mostly with prostitutes and actresses. From the 1920s statement red lip, to the iconic 50s look; wacky bright 80s, 90s grunge and now in the 21st Century we contour like Kimmy K; 3D eyebrows and lips becoming more popular with makeup evolving every year!

New and fresh faced to the industry; Katie Mannix from Liverpool specializes in fashion forward, photographic and bespoke looks enhancing both client face shape and eye colour. Her interest in makeup derived from watching countless tutorials as a teen and mastering the basic techniques to cover her acne prone skin - I’m sure some of us can relate!

After studying fashion for a number of years, beauty has always been that much closer to her heart; after falling pregnant she decided to push herself and enrolled in The Makeup Artist course.

We asked Katie a few questions for makeup tips and tricks and how to create an on trend summer look.

Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late! What is your life-changing trick to ensuring a natural winged eyeliner look without it escalating the dreaded Panda look?

Katie: Have confidence! I'm constantly doing flicks on myself to master a smoother finish. For a classic and timeless 1920sday or night feline flick that suits absolutely everyone, first of all apply a thin layer of concealer to the lid. Using a shadow brush and pigment that’s a few shades darker than your foundation, contour the crease and lighten the line which helps open up the eye. To finish apply a gorgeous thin feline flick.

TIP! The smaller the brush the better, try using a craft brush as the bristles are tiny! You can always thicken the line, but it is hard to make it thinner.

 What makeup looks are on trend this summer?

Katie: Tones of purple, whether it is bold, pastel or a tint of the shade. A bright eye and subtle lip has also been a statement this year, with trends complimenting the 60’s/70’s vibes we are witnessing within fashion prints and styles. This season the biggest catwalk statement was skincare and no makeup, fresh skin, from natural to dewy, so subtlety is key. I’d suggest Shien Cosmetics Pink Jade Lip Veil as their products include bio-nutrients and vitamins, which hydrate and protect the lips; this colour adds a glow completing any look with natural lips.

TIP! Your skin is your base, so look after it! Without a healthy base it makes it difficult to create a flawless look. Use products aimed at your skin type i.e oily, dry, sensitive. To really enhance your complexion, exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturize a few times a week to create the perfect canvas.


How can we be ahead and practice our makeup skills, or lack of them, to be on trend for A/W15?

Katie: Autumn 2015 will all be about graphic liner. More makeup artists publish their looks online and how to create them so by experimenting this trend allows you to be more dramatic whether that’s for the day or night.

TIP! Sugarpill Poison Plum Pressed Eyeshadow and Magpie Loose Pigment was used to create this bold graphic liner 60s space age inspired look.

Visit Katie Mannix's facebook page for more amazing looks!

Don't forget you can shop for makeup on our website, including US indie brands Sugarpill, Shien Cosmetics and Cique Colors!