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Makeup Tips and Trends: Michelle Court

Following on from my previous makeup post, meet bubbly Essex lass Michelle Court who, similar to Katie, decided she wanted to be a makeup artist as a teen when she discovered the transformation mascara made to her eyes. She began experimenting with electric blue mascara (memories for all those 90s kids!).

Multi-talented, trained in airbrushing, special effects and hairdressing, Michelle has been using her creativity in the industry for over a decade and with her incredible experiences any makeup artist aspires to have her success. 

We asked Michelle a few questions about her career, for all those daunted by their future in the industry as a makeup artist. 

What was it like after years of studying to become a professional makeup artist and then be out inthe big wide word on your first paid job?

I remember I felt very nervous on set with my hands shaking, worrying that your work isn’t going to be liked. After I’d finished the makeup and shown the model in the mirror I was still worrying but once the photographer commented ‘the makeup looks great on camera’ there was a sigh of relief, which helped build my confidence. Each shoot from there onwards my confidence has grown.

What has been your favourite job so far and why?

I like the fast pace of a fashion show, but editorial shoots allow me to be more creative and bold. Each shoot is different and I enjoy them all, but the most memorable one I will never forget is Ibiza. I get to travel with work but on this particular occasion I got to stay on an elite 5* yacht, shoot in beautiful million pound villas and magical secluded beaches.

Have you ever been on a shoot and it was an absolute nightmare?

The most awkward moment in my entire career was working on celebrity model Janice Dickinson; she was rude and erratic, bad mouthing all the beautiful models and to top it off said ‘don’t you know who I am?’! I smiled and nodded politely. Once I’d finished working on her face I said ‘ok, you can look in the mirror’ and as she turned to look; our heads collided and I ended up head-butting her!

Finally, for this season will the electric blue mascara be making a reappearance in your makeup bag?

I love experimenting; especially using bold and exciting colours which work well on camera for high fashion shots; but I also like neutral shades. Bright Sugarpill loose powders can create a great look with a subtle lip from Shien cosmetics. My motto is: you’re only as good as your last work, so experiment and enjoy!

Check out Michelle's work for inspiration at

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Makeup Tips and Trends: Katie Mannix

Makeup, like anything, evolves over time; over thousands of years. From lipstick created from red pigmented minerals, lashes blackened with soot to chalk used to whiten complexion.

Throughout time there has always been a slight adaption to create different looks; however during the Victorian era, makeup was associated mostly with prostitutes and actresses. From the 1920s statement red lip, to the iconic 50s look; wacky bright 80s, 90s grunge and now in the 21st Century we contour like Kimmy K; 3D eyebrows and lips becoming more popular with makeup evolving every year!

New and fresh faced to the industry; Katie Mannix from Liverpool specializes in fashion forward, photographic and bespoke looks enhancing both client face shape and eye colour. Her interest in makeup derived from watching countless tutorials as a teen and mastering the basic techniques to cover her acne prone skin - I’m sure some of us can relate!

After studying fashion for a number of years, beauty has always been that much closer to her heart; after falling pregnant she decided to push herself and enrolled in The Makeup Artist course.

We asked Katie a few questions for makeup tips and tricks and how to create an on trend summer look.

Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late! What is your life-changing trick to ensuring a natural winged eyeliner look without it escalating the dreaded Panda look?

Katie: Have confidence! I'm constantly doing flicks on myself to master a smoother finish. For a classic and timeless 1920sday or night feline flick that suits absolutely everyone, first of all apply a thin layer of concealer to the lid. Using a shadow brush and pigment that’s a few shades darker than your foundation, contour the crease and lighten the line which helps open up the eye. To finish apply a gorgeous thin feline flick.

TIP! The smaller the brush the better, try using a craft brush as the bristles are tiny! You can always thicken the line, but it is hard to make it thinner.

 What makeup looks are on trend this summer?

Katie: Tones of purple, whether it is bold, pastel or a tint of the shade. A bright eye and subtle lip has also been a statement this year, with trends complimenting the 60’s/70’s vibes we are witnessing within fashion prints and styles. This season the biggest catwalk statement was skincare and no makeup, fresh skin, from natural to dewy, so subtlety is key. I’d suggest Shien Cosmetics Pink Jade Lip Veil as their products include bio-nutrients and vitamins, which hydrate and protect the lips; this colour adds a glow completing any look with natural lips.

TIP! Your skin is your base, so look after it! Without a healthy base it makes it difficult to create a flawless look. Use products aimed at your skin type i.e oily, dry, sensitive. To really enhance your complexion, exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturize a few times a week to create the perfect canvas.


How can we be ahead and practice our makeup skills, or lack of them, to be on trend for A/W15?

Katie: Autumn 2015 will all be about graphic liner. More makeup artists publish their looks online and how to create them so by experimenting this trend allows you to be more dramatic whether that’s for the day or night.

TIP! Sugarpill Poison Plum Pressed Eyeshadow and Magpie Loose Pigment was used to create this bold graphic liner 60s space age inspired look.

Visit Katie Mannix's facebook page for more amazing looks!

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Diary of an Intern: So Long!

I am very sad to say, my time here at Playful Promises is almost finished, but instead of sobbing into the keyboard, I am going to tell you all about my time here, what I have been up to and what I have loved the most!


I have been at Playful Promises now for three months and have really enjoyed all my visits here. I have been involved in loads of projects and have always been kept busy! So you can see the variety of things I have been up to, I’ve compiled a list:


  • Researched different companies, publications, blogs and boutiques
  • Developed relationships with different members of the press through call rounds
  • Made press packs
  • Written press releases
  • Contributed to Playful Promises blog (read all my posts HERE)
  • Contributed to the Playful Promises Boutique Facebook page
  • Helped write the company’s newsletter
  • Visited the Playful Promises boutique
  • Helped organise a press and blogger event
  • Organised the Playful showroom and sorted samples


As you can see I have been up to loads of interesting things!


I am really grateful for this opportunity Playful Promises has given me because I have learnt so much! I have had a real insight into how a companies marketing department works and has strengthened me desire to work in a marketing role.


Originally, I wanted to work within a womenswear specific company, but having worked here at Playful Promises I want to work in the lingerie industry! After experiencing this great company and seeing how well the products are designed and constructed, how good the team is and how well Playful Promises customer service is I am actively going to pursue a marketing role in a lingerie firm – I just wish I could stay here forever!


My experience at Playful Promises has also made me want to work for a smaller company. At Playful Promises, everyone is valued and no one goes unnoticed, unlike a big company. Working for an independent retailer has also opened my eyes to all the amazing brands out there that guarantee their customers’ excellent products that you won’t see on every other person on the high street.


Playful Promises have really spoilt me while I have been here – they took me to London Fashion Week, which was so exciting! We went to the Felicities Presents…Show and saw seven emerging designers – Ada Zanditon, Arianna Cerrito, Beautiful Soul, Evmorfia, Phannatiq, Tramp in Disguise and Xsenia & Olya. I can’t believe my luck really!


I am really going to miss working here and I am now completely hooked on Playful Promises and I can’t even think of one thing I haven’t enjoyed about my experience here! I know one thing I won’t miss though – the commute!


(Note from the PP team - Caitlin was a pleasure to work with and we would love to pass on her details to anyone in the industry who has a vacancy available. Please send info to


To match or not to match?

Along with the Big Knickers versus G-Strings war that constantly rages throughout the lingerie world, I have stumbled upon another hot topic that everyone seems to have an opinion on with regards to underwear – to match or not to match, that is the question.

After researching the subject online, it became clear that everyone has an opinion and were more than happy to voice it. The articles, chat rooms and polls I found regarding the subject of matching underwear were extensive, but inconclusive and no decision was ever really reached, which left me pondering, does it really matter if your underwear matches?

I did find an evident divide between the opposing sides, so clearly it is an issue people feel strongly about, but I had never really thought about it myself.

As a child, we are all told by our Grandma to wear good underwear in case something awful befalls you; giving strangers just cause to see your smalls. However, I have never been in an accident that caused me to be stripped down to my underwear, and anyway I always thought that if someone refused to give you medical attention based on whether or not your underwear matched was a pretty bad doctor. However, I’m not sure if there is anything about the treatment of patients based on the state of their underwear in the Hippocratic Oath so airing on the side of caution may be wise there.

So as you have probably gathered, matching my underwear has never been high on my list of priorities when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, normally, I’m too busy concentrating on waking up that I am just happy to leave the house with all my clothes on in the right order – I am definitely not a morning person! I used to just be satisfied with underwear that was clean and had no holes in; also, being a recently graduated student, I would have rather spent my money on nights out instead of underwear. So I did agree with the many people I found on the internet claiming that matching your underwear took too much time and cost too much.

However, my mentality is slowly beginning to change since I have started my internship here at Playful Promises. While being here, I have invested in three matching sets of underwear – The Heartbreaker Set, The Etti Set and the The Kitty Set, which I have started wearing together. 

Since buying the sets I have slowly started to feel bad when I don’t wear matching underwear, and sort of off balance. Wearing matching sets have definitely made me feel more grown up and sophisticated and just generally start my day off that little bit better. So I think I have become a convert! Not only have I now vowed to only buy matching sets, I have also organised my underwear draw – which if you knew me, you could contest was a big deal – evicting the old and unmatchable undies lurking in there.

I am now ready to expand my underwear collection to include more matching sets, I have come to realise that the boost you get out of wearing matching underwear is one that never fades, making you feel sexy and confident all day!

Let me know whether or not you match your underwear – I’ll try and make you a convert too!

A birthday wishlist

My favourite thing about working for Playful Promises is the fact that I get a peek at all the amazing collections and sets in next seasons product ranges, I love it so much, but my money is mentally spent before most of the lingerie and clothes has hit the shelves of the Boutique!


This time of the year is a really interesting time to work with a fashionable company like Playful Promises as I have had the chance to familiarise myself with the SS12 collections as well as the new AW12 ranges that will be available soon for you all to lust over!


As my birthday is in September I have already compiled an ever-growing wish list of Playful Promises goodies, which have been mentally assigned to people (I’m quickly running out of people however!). I consider this a mark of a good friend though, as not only am I solving everyone’s dilemma about what to get me, I am also introducing them to the wonder that is Playful Promises, that’s a win-win situation in my book.


Visiting the Playful Promises Boutique is definitely not helping either; at this rate I will have started my Christmas List by October! I love the store, and find it a really nice place to visit. Not only does it offer a friendly and inviting environment to shop in but it is almost like a haven from the outside world as you get so absorbed in all the interesting things around the shop, you don’t want to leave!

Well with little help from Playful Promises to encourage saving my money and to ignore the hedonistic devil perched on my shoulder, my wish list includes the following:


 The True Love Soft Cup Bra and Brief set (which you can pre order now!)



Love Corset


September’s Beauty Queen Tin (12 beauty tins containing a brief for each month of the year – already looking forward to building my collection!)


Black Aztec Dress


Vintage Floral Tea Dress


As well as my little heart just desiring Playful Promises new seasons collections, I find myself wanting half the stuff that’s already available on the website! After treating myself to the Kitty set, the Etti set, a pair of Frillies and pre-ordering the Heart Breaker set, I found that my appetite for Playful Promises lingerie is far from satisfied. I still crave Margot set and the Love range! Someone better confiscate all my bank cards!

Well after reading all of this, let’s hope all my friends and family are feeling really generous!