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Dear Lady Unmentionable: How to wash hosiery

Im just wondering the best way to wash and store stockings and tights? any advice greatly appreciated

- Renee (via the Playful Promises Facebook)

As ladies, we all know how wonderful stockings and tights make us look and feel, but, we also know how annoying they can be to take care of! One slip or lack of concentration can lead to a ladder or hole and no matter what anyone says – that is never a good look!

Nylon and silk stockings and tights are both delicate and require a bit more TLC than some other hosiery; however, we all know it’s worth it ;)

Firstly, nylon hosiery CAN be machine washed, but only using a cold water setting.  Plus, they absolutely must be washed on their own – so machine washing can cause more trouble than it’s worth!

The best way to care for nylon and silk tights and stockings is definitely hand washing! Sorry, I know this seems a bore, but if you want perfect looking pins, sacrifices must be made (you should be treating all your lovely lingerie the same way, but I won’t judge you.. much).

Before you even begin washing your hosiery, check your nails! Make sure to file away any jagged edges, also remove any rings. You don’t want your precious tights to get caught and ladder or rip!

Now, fill your sink with lukewarm water and add half a cup of mild laundry powder (you can even use colourless shampoo if you don’t have any washing powder to hand!).

Turn your stockings or tights inside out and allow soaking for five minutes, remembering to wash similar colours together.

Now wash the products carefully, avoiding rubbing and pulling as you will stretch the hosiery making it unwearable.

Rinse, rinse and rinse again in cool water to get all the soap out and then gently squeeze the water out of the tights or stockings from the top down to the toe.

Once all the excess water has been removed, place the tights or stockings over a towel rail or something similar to air dry. Keep hosiery out of direct sunlight as the colours will fade.

When you wear your stockings or tights, avoid anything that they could snag on like corners of desks and tables or wooden seats and always carry a little bottle of clear nail varnish with you to dab on a hole or ladder as soon as you notice it!

As for storing your stockings and tights, either fold them nicely (even better if you have the original packaging) and keep in a drawer or hang up on a padded hanger. Rolling them up into a ball will cause them to become misshapen!