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Back to Life, Back to Reality

So, the most depressing part of the year is upon us yet again - the brief summer we had has come to an abrupt end and the rain is back, everyone is returning back to England from a variety of far-flung exotic places, and you’re back to work, tan fading. We’ve all been there, and inevitably it makes you want to cry.


We know you don’t want to return to ‘normal life’, but the time has come, so instead of planning next year’s holiday and protesting about returning to the everyday, embrace it! And here at Playful Promises we know exactly how to cure you’re post-summer blues.


The first step to cure your blues is to dress like the confident, able, take-on-the-world siren you are! Okay, so we know you don’t feel ready to put on actual shoes instead of sandals and flip-flops and get your business head back on, but with the range of clothing Playful Promises offers, you’ll be running back into the office to show off your new wardrobe!


Whatever you prefer to wear for work, Playful Promises has you covered! My personal favourite is the Charlotte Houndstooth Dress – you’ll look every bit the together business woman you are and have no trouble keeping people’s interest in a meeting in this number!


We also offer a range of adorable Chiffon Bow Blouses in Purple, Red and Black as well as the traditional pencil skirt which is a definite must for every working woman’s wardrobe!


Why not brighten up your work wardrobe using our limited edition kimono jackets? Both the Geisha Digital Print and the Rorschach Kimono Jackets are stunning and add that special something to an otherwise plain outfit. Hurry up and grab them before they go, they are limited edition after all!



Playful Promises clothes are so good, you won’t want to limit them to just office wear – but don’t worry, we don’t blame you, you will look and feel so fabulous in all of these offerings you won’t want to take them off. Ever.


Now, the next step in curing your post-holiday downer is underwear – every girl knows that to look its best, an outfit must have a great foundation, and what better foundation to a gorgeous outfit, than a gorgeous set of Playful Promises undies?


The Vamp Black Multi-Way Bra is essential for any lingerie collection, and can be manipulated any which way your heart desires! As well as providing you with endless possibilities, the Vamp Bra also gives your bust a boost and defines your curves – what more could you want?


The Dominique Longline Bra is another investment that will help speed your healing process. Its subtle decorative features, such as the use of mesh and the strap design provide you with the chance to feel sexy and supported all day long. It’s such a gorgeous bra; why not show off the straps under your clothes at work? We’re sure your boss won’t mind at all!


So there we have it, follow these simple steps and you will glide back into work with a confidence that wasn’t there before! We know it’s not as good as a holiday or sunny weather, but if you feel fabulous, everyday is like a holiday!

What do you do to combat your holiday blues?