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Christmas gift review: Frilly Knickers



Stylist, fashion PR and Clo Clo’s Closet editor, Chloe Pierre reviews our frilly briefs!


Firm friend & insanely loyal fan of The Playful Promises Boutique, I had the pleasure to review the gorgeous Frilly Knickers range, which is temptingly affordable at a simple price of £10 a pair.


Initially I was skeptical of the Frilly Knickers set as I am a self-proclaimed ‘big panties’ kind of girl, who is usually averse in the luck of wearing frilly lingerie and feeling seductive in them, but honestly, these knickers didn’t even allow a hint of that dreaded feeling to flash back.


The knickers were extremely agreeable on, had a great amount of elasticity, which allowed enough space to fit my voluptuous rear without any strangulation of the waist or thighs and being so close to my intimates did not give one inch of irritation or leave me feeling uncomfortable.


With the heavy adorned frilling going right around the brief and the beautiful oversized bows at each side made my ample hips look very tantalizing if my boyfriend and I, say so ourselves.


With him being a French knickers junkie, per say, he made me model each one, whilst eventually deciding on the Magenta pair, identifying them as ‘keepers’.


Now be under no illusion that this type of underwear is produced to work underneath jeans or your tight LBD as for obvious reasons, the detailing will either show through most fabrics under jeans, is free for movement and will ultimately damage the experience of wearing such a luxurious product. My best bet is to either wear under a very loose garment or keep for a special occasion within the boudoir. 


This is definitely something every woman should have on their Christmas Wish List and pairs up as a great gift solution and stocking filler too.


I will definitely purchase at least two pairs for each my gorgeous and varied framed, girlfriends in the constructive colours that I instantly fell in love with, Black & Peach.


Three words that sum up the frilly knickers in my opinion are practical (wink), undoubtedly rapturousand exquisitely opulent.