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Fully Fashioned & RHT Stockings

Playful Promises is full of exciting new things at the moment! First it's the much anticipated Bettie Page collection, then the gorgeous Spring Summer 2017 arrives with styles in ALL the sizes, and now, we've taken the plunge and decided to create our very own Fully Fashioned and RHT stocking range for the Bettie Page collection!

 Elmer Batters, 1967

Elmer Batters, 1967

The range includes Fully Fashioned Stockings in Black and Chocolate, and RHT Stockings in Black, Chocolate, Electric Blue and Champagne.

And why is this range so special?

Well, Fully Fashioned Stockings and RHT stockings are not widely manufactured. This is because these types of stockings are made on original Full Fashioned 1950s machinery that knits the stockings from 100% Nylon - only a small handful of these machines still operate today, which makes these stockings extra rare! After the stockings are knitted, they are glass ironed. As for the seams, these are created on original Union Special machines. To know if you have a genuine Fully Fashioned stocking, you'll have a "finishing loop" on the top of the stocking which is used to finish the seam. They are then dyed and steamed on a flat metal leg to tighten the knit and shape the stocking.

 Our Fully Fashioned Stocking collection, in  Black  and  Chocolate !

Our Fully Fashioned Stocking collection, in Black and Chocolate!

This process creates a stocking with little to no stretch, yet fits the legs perfectly because they are shaped in such a way. The iconic seam on Fully Fashioned Stockings have a purpose to join the stocking together, as opposed to modern seamed stockings where the seam is added on afterwards. What you're left with is a stocking with a seam up the back, from the heel (which can be a point heel, a Cuban heel, Havana heel or a Manhattan heel.) 

RHT Stockings are a little different, and don't include the seam or fancy heel. RHT stands for Reinforced Heel & Toe, so on these stockings - you guessed it - the toe and heel are reinforced. They're for anybody who doesn't want seamed stockings and want some simpler!

 Our RHT Stocking selection, in  Black ,  Chocolate ,  Natural  and  Electric Blue

Our RHT Stocking selection, in Black, Chocolate, Natural and Electric Blue

Our RHT and Fully Fashioned stockings go perfectly with our Bettie Page range for an authentic retro aesthetic. Pair with wiggle dresses, pencil skirts and any of our suspender belts for a beautiful 50s look!

Stand Out At The Christmas Party!

It's coming up to Christmas party season, and already the Christmas party-outfit panic in ensuing. Finding something festive, yet cute enough to feel good can be a little tough. We're saying a big old "nope" to novelty Christmas jumpers and flashing earrings and came up with 3 outfits perfect for the festivities. Who knows, maybe you'll get a kiss under the mistletoe this year from the cutie you keep passing on your way to the photocopier...

The Anna Sequin Cape isn't just for the boudoir! Wear over a little fitted LBD with some bling-y earrings and sexy ankle boots. Finish off with cat-eye flicks and wear your hair up to show off those sparkles!

Gold & red are the perfect paring! Wear the Jessica bodysuit with a lipstick-red pencil skirt, your hair tied up in a red headscarf and some antique gold earrings to finish it off. Be matchy-matchy with red lippy and nails.

Grunge it up in the Lucinda Slip! This nightwear piece can translate to a going-out dress. Wear with a choker, killer platform heels and wine red lip-stain and nails. Finish off with fishnets and a faux fur coat.

Will you be wearing Playful Promises for Christmas this year? Make sure to tag #prettyinplayful on your pictures!

Lingerie Secret Santa

Each year, we partake in Lingerie Secret Santa with other indie brands. Whilst an excellent opportunity to get some presents for ourselves, it's also a chance to showcase other brands that work hard in the industry and share a like-minded ethos. Bringing these brands together will hopefully encourage more people to shop independent brands this Christmas once they see the thought and impeccable design that goes into each piece!

To kick it all off, here's a few key pieces from each brand to give you a taster of what they do:


1. Betty Blue's Loungewear - Nell Teddy

2. Abigail Greydanus - Latex Red Riding Hood

3. All Undone - Ariel Set

4. Alma Robles - Polka Dot Set

5. Buttress & Snatch - Cupcake Set

6. Elisa Poppy - Hecate White Set

7. Harlow & Fox - Viola Almond Tie Side Brief

8. Karolina Laskowska - Libra Bralet

9. Kiss Me Deadly - Cupless Vargas Dress

10. Nubian Skin - Midnight

11. Pillowbook - Aime Set

12. She & Reverie - Clamshell

13. Sugar Lace Lingerie - Baby Blue Sugar Set

14. Tight Laced - Star XVII

15. Manoela Marandino - Ella

16. Nearer The Moon - Daphne Bodysuit

17. Toru & Naoko - Tempest

18. ... and finally, it's our Karine set (coming soon!)

Just taking a look at the diversity of each of the brands is so inspiring! There's something for everybody, and every budget. Anyone would be more than pleased to get something from these designers, so make sure to check each of them out and get prepared for gift buying this year.

It means a lot to us to support other indie brands, so having this festive event each year is a wonderful way to exercise this and have fun at the same time. We're super excited for our recipient to get our gift!

Will you be shopping indie this year too? 


The Playful Christmas Gift Guide

Buying gifts for your loved ones definitely is not easy! With the oncoming pressure of looming Christmas shipping deadlines, choc-a-bloc shopping centers and the dreaded Christmas carolers; before you know it you've panic-bought your girlfriend a poo emoji-shaped cushion. However fear not - sit back and relax, because we're making it super easy for you this year with the ultimate Playful gift buying guide.


Sizing is probably one of the trickiest aspects of gift-buying. Luckily, even without knowing someone's specific size you can still buy them something sweet or sultry. We'd suggest our eye masks as a cute stocking filler, or a small gift. For something a little naughtier, go for our pasties. Both of these are already lovingly presented in gift boxes with black tissue paper - so no stress about wrapping nicely! If eye masks and pasties just won't do, we also have gift cards which can either be in card form or in an email!

If you have a slightly better idea about sizing (psst, take a look at the labels on your recipient's favourite skirts or trousers), then our gift tins are a cute option. With a choice of 3 tins and knicker pairings, it's easy to pick something to suit whoever you're buying for. The tins are beautifully illustrated with some adorable knickers inside. Another easy-sizing option is any of our nightwear. The Lucinda (shown below) in particular is a sensual option in luxurious wine red satin, perfect for winter nights.

Even if you think you know the recipient's size, these can still differ throughout brands and styles, so there's a chance the item may not fit. However, we do accept returns and exchanges (with items unworn), and for all orders purchased from the 24th November until the 24th December will be offered an extended returns period until the 12th January. So you can buy with confidence!


It's important to keep in mind who you're buying for! It's recommended not to buy erotic lingerie for the new romance in your life unless you are 100% sure they're going to appreciate it! Ouvert knickers or a cupless bra might be a bit much for that third date. However, this doesn't mean lingerie is a total no-go. Sticking to simpler, trend-led styles could be a great alternative. Keep in mind the person's personal style, and what things they already like wearing. Something fun like the Anna might be a cute option for and sparkle-loving person in your life!

Gift Wrapping

Terrible at wrapping? Do you use entire rolls of sellotape or even go as far as wrapping gifts in tin foil (I promise, I've seen that happen)? Then don't worry, because we also offer gift wrapping for a mere £3! Simply add it to your cart along with your gifts.

Shipping Dates

Don't get caught out! Shipping dates and information about delivery during the festive period can all be found here:


And finally, if you're really stuck and want to buy the perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas, we now have a wishlist feature on our website! Just ask them to add items to their wishlist (logged into their/your account as otherwise it won't save) and to send it to you. Stress-free gift buying!!

If you have any more questions about any of our products, advice on sizing and anything else, feel free to email us on


How I learnt to embrace body positivity in the lingerie industry

Working at a lingerie brand, you’d think that it would be difficult to maintain body positivity – scantily-clad airbrushed models are the norm, and not much can faze us! However, working at Playful Promises, which is run by women with feminist values, working within the lingerie industry has taught me a lot about embracing body positivity.

A lot of this body confidence comes from our customers. Playful Promises stock from a UK8 to a UK24 (US 4 – 20), so there’s a lot of size diversity in the customer base. The lingerie is on the more risqué end of the spectrum, but seeing women of all sizes buying sexy and provocative pieces is a huge inspiration! Everybody deserves to feel sexy and wear the lingerie of their choice.

 Babes in Playful:  @jezra_m ,  @jess_megan_ , and  @alexagivesnofucks

Babes in Playful: @jezra_m, @jess_megan_, and @alexagivesnofucks

Seeing all different types of bodies in our lingerie always makes me feel like I CAN be as confident with my body as they are. Being positive about other people’s bodies is often the first step to finding confidence in yourself, something I have definitely noticed a change in. The women who wear our lingerie with confidence are so inspiring!

Seeing all different types of bodies in our lingerie always makes me feel like I CAN be as confident with my body as they are. Being positive about other people’s bodies is often the first step to finding confidence in yourself, something I have definitely noticed a change in. The women who wear our lingerie with confidence are so inspiring!

Some people wear lingerie for their partner – which is totally okay, and a lot of our customers like to do so – but we’ve also found that a large group of people love to wear lingerie for themselves. Wearing things that make you personally feel sexy, beautiful and happy is a wonderful way to promote self-love. It’s like wearing your best dress – the “look good, feel good” mentality is one that resonates with and works for a lot of people. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of vanity!

Another means of self-love is the act of buying the lingerie for yourself. Treat yourself! Everyone has days when they feel down, and sometimes retail therapy is just the pick-up you need. Not everything can be fixed with material possessions, but treating yourself as you would treat someone you love is a good start. Little things are often what help get you through the day.

The lingerie industry can be a difficult place to be body-confident in, especially when there are companies who use body-shaming tactics as a way to promote sales, and others that completely ignore the fact that they’re not inclusive. However, there are a few brands, established and upcoming, that consistently strive to be more diverse, inclusive and represent a range of body types. From a brand perspective, the idea of body-positivity is an important one, and it’s definitely important to our customers. This makes us want to continue to expand our size ranges, represent a range of bodies and keep sending a body-positive message out there.

So, here’s a list of ways you can embrace body positivity too!

1.  Take selfies! Put on your favourite lingerie and take hundreds, thousands of selfies! You don’t have to send them to anyone, or put them online. Embrace how hot you look in your new or old-faithful set!

2. Treat yo’ self – as aforementioned, treating yourself is a great way to help encourage body-positivity. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean buying something lavish and expensive. A pair of cute knickers sometimes do just the trick, but other ways of treating yourself can simply include running yourself a bath, moisturising yourself, painting your nails. Simple acts of kindness to your body help when sometimes you can forget to look after yourself on particularly bad days.

3.   Be positive about other people’s bodies – this one is really important! Once you start to be positive about other people’s bodies, of all shapes and sizes, then this could help you feel more positive about your own body. Talk about other people with positivity, then talk about yourself the same way you do about others. Self-talk is important – I often try to imagine myself saying things I say about myself to someone else – if they would be upset about it, then don’t talk to yourself like that either!

4.  Related to number 3, speak positively about yourself. You don’t have to do this in front of other people, it can be as simple as writing down 3 things that you like about your appearance, and 3 things that aren’t about your appearance. Do these whenever you feel a bit low and remember what you’re worth! Some good examples that aren’t about your appearance include; being good at making others laugh, keeping in touch with friends, good at hugs, etc!

5.   And finally; you’re allowed to have days when you don’t feel 100%. Don’t be so hard on yourself – it’s not easy keeping up body-positivity 24/7. Sometimes you do need someone else to tell you you’re beautiful, and that’s totally okay! Learning to pick yourself up is important, but when you’re struggling never hesitate to go to someone who will help you back up. You’re only human, and sometimes a little bit of TLC is necessary!

Do you have any of your own body-positive mantras or tips? Let us know in the comments and on our social media!