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Fully Fashioned & RHT Stockings

Playful Promises is full of exciting new things at the moment! First it's the much anticipated Bettie Page collection, then the gorgeous Spring Summer 2017 arrives with styles in ALL the sizes, and now, we've taken the plunge and decided to create our very own Fully Fashioned and RHT stocking range for the Bettie Page collection!

The range includes Fully Fashioned Stockings in Black and Chocolate, and RHT Stockings in Black, Chocolate, Electric Blue and Champagne.

And why is this range so special?

Well, Fully Fashioned Stockings and RHT stockings are not widely manufactured. This is because these types of stockings are made on original Full Fashioned 1950s machinery that knits the stockings from 100% Nylon - only a small handful of these machines still operate today, which makes these stockings extra rare! After the stockings are knitted, they are glass ironed. As for the seams, these are created on original Union Special machines. To know if you have a genuine Fully Fashioned stocking, you'll have a "finishing loop" on the top of the stocking which is used to finish the seam. They are then dyed and steamed on a flat metal leg to tighten the knit and shape the stocking.

Our Fully Fashioned Stocking collection, in  Black  and  Chocolate !

Our Fully Fashioned Stocking collection, in Black and Chocolate!

This process creates a stocking with little to no stretch, yet fits the legs perfectly because they are shaped in such a way. The iconic seam on Fully Fashioned Stockings have a purpose to join the stocking together, as opposed to modern seamed stockings where the seam is added on afterwards. What you're left with is a stocking with a seam up the back, from the heel (which can be a point heel, a Cuban heel, Havana heel or a Manhattan heel.) 

RHT Stockings are a little different, and don't include the seam or fancy heel. RHT stands for Reinforced Heel & Toe, so on these stockings - you guessed it - the toe and heel are reinforced. They're for anybody who doesn't want seamed stockings and want some simpler!

Our RHT Stocking selection, in  Black ,  Chocolate ,  Natural  and  Electric Blue

Our RHT Stocking selection, in Black, Chocolate, Natural and Electric Blue

Our RHT and Fully Fashioned stockings go perfectly with our Bettie Page range for an authentic retro aesthetic. Pair with wiggle dresses, pencil skirts and any of our suspender belts for a beautiful 50s look!