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Playful Promises Goes to France!

Last year, we took to France to shoot our SS19 campaign with the incredible photographer, Le Turk. Le Turk creates surreal landscapes, scenery and props that look like a retro dystopia. Dramatic lighting and playful framing are key themes throughout; a perfect match for our brand!

We journeyed on the Eurostar and stayed in a beautiful French Chauteau (with some tasty wine and food!)


Before the shoot, Le Turk sent us some incredible illustrations of what he envisioned the set would look like.

le turk5.JPG

It featured towering buildings, flying cars, and neon city lights, in surreal colours and proportions.

Here’s some more of his ideas with the end product, aren’t they perfect?!

le turk1.JPG
le turk2.JPG
le turk3.JPG
The Hedy Mint (coming soon!)

The Hedy Mint (coming soon!)

le turk4.JPG
The Zoya set (coming soon!)

The Zoya set (coming soon!)