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Titanic Fever

The S.S Titanic collided with an iceberg and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean one hundred years ago.

As the media looks back at this tragic event Playful Promises takes a peak at some of the more notable passengers, we take a cheeky glimpse at some of the fine lougewear first class passengers would have been wearing and we admire some of the tantalising artefacts recovered over recent expeditions to the sea floor!

These remarkable perfume vials is one of the best examples of recovered artefacts to date. Originally from British perfumery Adolphe Saalfeld, Adolphe was a German perfume maker who survived the sinking of the ship. These beautiful vials of perfume oil were being exported, bound to ladies boudoirs in the United States.

One can imagine the stunning array of perfume bottles, dresser bottles and make-up artefacts some of the first class passengers would have had on-board with them. Adolphe carried 65 vials onto the ship, and to this date 62 vials have been recovered all intact. In the year 2000, plans were made to recreate these perfumes but no further information has been published.

Other found objects include decorative hair accessories, jewelled brooches, necklaces including this personal necklace bearing the name Amy. Some believe it was Amy Jacobsohn, a 2nd Class passenger, while others believe it was Amy Stanley's, despite her sailing in Third Class. Some say the bracelet was found in a leather bag that contained items from the 2nd Class Purser's safe, while others say it was found with other steerage items in the debris.

Intricate bottles from dressers have been found as well as mesh hand bags, combs,  boxed jewels and this sparkling gem of a diamond ring and a flurry of clothing.

Fashion Correspondent Edith Russell was one of the many passengers on board the Titanic. She was voyaging towards the United States travelling with trunks full of French couturiere pieces for American clients. Her trunks sank with the ship that tragic night and remain unfound.

Leontine Pauline Aubart was a French traveller who also lost all her possessions; 

“I had in my cabin jewels worth 4,000 (GPB) as well as many trunks of dresses and hats. One does not come from Paris and buy one's clothes in America. That is understood, is it not?”

We like to think that there are some beautiful pieces yet to be found. This stunning silk garment went up for auction just a few weeks ago. The colour is still apparent, but best yet is the beautiful embroidery. The shape, cut and fit are rather inspiring for our boudoir antics!

Dorothy Gibson was one of the survivors on the great tragedy.  Gibson was a famed entertainer of the period. She appeared on stage as a singer and dancer in a number of theatre and vaudeville productions, the most important being on Broadway in Charles Frohman’s The Dairymaids (1907). She was also a regular chorus member in shows produced by the Shubert Brothers at the Hippodrome Theatre. At the time she was the highest paid female entertainer in the world.

The Titanic is a notable and epic disaster, it took to its grave some treasuredgems, some we are yet to discover.