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Halloween Dress Up!

We've had some amazing (and hilarious!) entries into our Halloween Costume Competition, make sure you get in on the action for the chance to win some lingerie!

This got us in the mood for a little dress up session... Playful Promises style! If you are stuck for a halloween costume this year, let us help you out!

Pair long purple gloves with our naughty Love Garterdress for an even sexier (is it possible?) Jessica Rabbit costume. Snap up some red shoes and nude stockings to add the finishing touch. Oh and a red wig of course!

She ain't afraid of the big bad wolf - grab yourself a red hooded cape, the Vamp Garter dress and Red Waspie for a kinky version of Red Riding Hood.

Go for a sophisticated Batgirl look with our sheer chiffon blouse and black pencil skirt. Finish off the look with a thick belt (gold details a must), long leather gloves and a black mask!


Or you could just channel Eartha Kitt's evil side in this She-Devil outfit! Our stunning red Vintage Stitch dress will go perfectly with shocking red lips. Horny jokes aside, only once you have your prey in the boudoir will he find out what's underneath - the True Love set. 

Anatomy of a Heart

The decor at Lounge Lover, where we had some drinks a few weeks ago - fits so well with our AW12 collection!


It seemed quite fitting that when the PP team went out for a drink we were sat right next to the amazing old anatomy posters, seen above! Why? Our current collection for AW12 is called "Anatomy of a Heart", inspired by the colours and shapes inside the human body. 


The collection was first born after Emma took a trip to the Wellcome Collection and the Hunterian Museum; whose halls are lined with anatomical, zoological and pathological specimens. We all know love and passion is a key theme in lingerie, but it was time to delve a little deeper - literally!


Anatomical drawings inspired the rich reds, purples and blues featured in the collection. While you may find all this rather squeamish, it is interesting to remember that the study of anatomy is one of the most historically rich sciences, and without it... well, can you imagine?!



The Love set is inspired by muscles and tendons, with our classic hand-stitched detail re-created in a deep pulsating red. 



True Love and Juliette, colours of blood after and before oxygenation.




One of the prints that didn't make it into production