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What’s your lingerie style?

As you may have noticed, over the last few months we have been bringing in lots of exciting new styles in classic black, naughty cupless and shades of shocking pink and mint green. As we were oohing and aahing over these in the office (and discussing which ones we wanted to snap up for ourselves!) it became clear that, even though there is a big crossover in our tastes, the PP girls all seem to be drawn to different styles of lingerie for a number of different reasons!  From customising and styling to layering and accessorising,  from carefully coordinating pieces to nonchalantly mixing and matching, from picking out styles that will drive our partners crazy to wearing things that just make us feel good that day; we all have our own style and preference when it comes to lingerie.

So it got me thinking – how do you wear yours? Do you rock a daring seamed stocking or a cage bra strap under your work wear, or is it strictly under wraps beneath your day-to-day clothing? Or maybe you save your fancy pants for special occasions – for seductive weekends away and ‘date night’ only!  Whatever your lingerie style, I’m pretty sure we’ll have something that will suit, from the ‘all eyes on me’ to the ‘for your eyes only’ :)



Is your workplace dull and drab? Is your office dress code formal and stuffy, or the opposite, so laid-back and scruffy that it makes you want to scream? Fight back against the mundane - they’ll never know that beneath your work attire you’re clad in shocking hot pink and daring black eyelash lace!

Virgin Rose

Keep this religious-inspired printed bra close to your heart! Featuring gorgeous red roses, soft lace print, a ghostly Virgin Mary and a faded sacred heart, you’ll feel positively virtuous when wearing this retro-kitsch 50’s cut soft cup bra, also available with matching knickers.


Silky, feminine and luxuriant, slipping into this lilac bloomer knicker and soft cup bra set will make you feel like a film star no matter what your day holds!  So what if you’re running late for work or the trains are on strike? You’ll be too busy radiating glamour to care!


Lily Open Cup Bra

For when you need to bring out the big guns – as it were – our quarter-cup Lilly bra both tempts and teases, drawing attention towards scandalously exposed flesh whilst also offering support for your curves – right up to an F- cup. A hint of false modesty makes this bra the ultimate seduction weapon!

Nina Ouvert Knickers

With built-in suspender straps, soft lace on black satin, and a thrillingly ouvert peek-a-boo opening, these briefs are serious business – elegance, sensuality and unabashed titillation.  These are definitely boudoir knickers, but hey, the world is your boudoir! Just make sure you don’t have a Marilyn Moment and walk over an air vent in a floaty skirt. You have been warned.

Grace Cage Bra

Somewhere between deliciously demure, and unapologetically outrageous, lives our very own burlesque star Grace.  A simple open-cup bra with cage straps, this design is versatile and can be styled in the way that makes you feel most comfortable – and which makes you feel most sexy. Whether layered with other strappy bra tops, worn with playful nipple nipples, or simply as is – with décolleté bared – it’s visually striking and instantly alluring. Bravo Grace! 



The corset has been around since the 1300s (depending on who you ask) and it certainly doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. There’s something iconic about the corset and its transformative power; the styles have changed over the years, but in recent times there’s been a move towards corsets being ornate and decorative rather than merely plain and functional. Try pairing a waspie with a pencil skirt and a Bardot neckline top for instant glamourpuss chic.

Hella Body

Wearing underwear as outerwear is a smart style trick which was first popular in the 1980s and made a comeback on the catwalks a few years ago, with camisoles and suspender belts being mixed with shorts, jackets and blouses to create a look which is both intimate and streetwise.  Dress this one up with tonnes of chunky jewellery, or try layering it with sheer fabrics and belts.

Cage straps

We love cage bras at PP! That’s why you’ll find this feature on the Peacock, Anastasia, and Grace and Ruby lines. Adding a quirky twist to traditional bra support straps, this design will liven up a low-cut dress or add interest to a vest top or sheer blouse; or the Anastasia floral bodysuit could be worn with a bolero and high waisted skirt for a daring but sophisticated look. Or just with tights and heels if you’re channelling your inner Gaga… 



So tell us, what's your lingerie style?