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This means War: Big Knickers VS G-strings

Big is Back Ladies and there’s a huge debate raging throughout the underwear world – G-Strings Vs. High Waisted Knickers!

In recent years there has been a drastic increase in sales of high-waist underwear, while the sales of the G-String are dwindling. I am left pondering this shift in lingerie fashions and wondering why many of us are taking inspiration from our Grannies and choosing bigger knickers.

The Kitty G-string

The G-String is one of the oldest forms of clothing, and can be traced back to many indigenous tribes throughout Southern Africa. The G-String was originally created for men, but nowadays is firmly considered a female garment.

The G-String first gained mainstream popularity throughout Southern America, particularly Brazil in the 70’s. The G-String then became popular throughout the Western World in the 1980’s, rising in popularity throughout the 90’s and the Noughties becoming one of the fastest-selling most in-demand women’s products. R’n’B and Hip Hop music helped increase the popularity, becoming synonymous with artists such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

The G-String is heralded as a bold, sexy garment that boosts women’s confidence, releasing their wild, exotic side. As well as the psychological effect a G-String has on women (and men!) it offers many benefits to the wearer:

  • Reducing the possibility of the dreaded VPL (Visible Panty Line for those not in the know).

  • G-Strings come in a wide range of styles, materials and colours, suitable for any occasion or outfit.

Despite the many options a G-String offers, there are some who claim that G-Strings are uncomfortable and too risqué and the poor G-String style swimsuit has even been banned in public in some American counties!

I bet they just haven’t seen Playful Promises wonderful offerings of G-Strings, because no one would want to hide the Kitty Ivory Tulle and Stitch G-String!

Vamp High Waist Brief

2012 is the year of big knickers, especially High Waisted briefs, and they are considered one of the year’s biggest trends. The trend of bigger knickers has been rising for some years now and offer benefits including:

  • Bigger knickers are extremely comfortable and also conceal VPL, stealing the limelight from the G-String!

  • Most high waists are very flattering and some often shape the body, providing support.

With the increased interest in vintage styles, everyone’s referring to 1940’s pin ups for inspiration with regards to lingerie, and now big celebrities are flaunting their statement knickers paving the way for everyone else to wear their big knickers with pride!

Some claim that the current state of the global economy is to blame for the increased interest in big knickers. During the 1920’s American depression, whenever women had some disposable spending money the first thing they bought was lingerie. Why? Because a whole new outfit was often unattainable, so buying underwear let women look great for a minimal cost and minimal effort – such is the power of a good set of underwear!

Personally, I’m a big knickers kind of gal and absolutely adore the Etti Satin High Waisted Brief!

The lines have been firmly drawn here at the Playful Promises office, but what side do you stand on – G-Strings or High Waisted Knickers?