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How to wear stockings...


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We've had a question regarding how to wear stockings

“I really want to start wearing suspenders and stocking on a daily basis , however they always seem to show and don't seem to be high enough on the leg.”

Stockings Grandiose


 Dear Stockings Grandiose,

Wearing stockings is almost a lost art-form. Today hold-ups have taken over the sales of stockings and garter belts are just not as popular as they use to be


If you plan to wear stockings on a daily basis then here is a little information for you;


Firstly when you buy stockings look for serious brands. Playful Promises recommends Cervin stockings. Cervin have four or five stocking sizes and these are calculated by height and weight of the wearer.


I truly believe that purchasing a more expensive brand of stockings will achieve better results, as they will fit you perfectly around your calves and thighs and importantly will be the correct length for your leg.


The best stockings are often silk stockings, nylon stockings or even vintage stockings, however these can be very delicate!


I like to buy seamed stockings, it elongates your leg and fits your calf and leg beautifully, Cervin make wonderful seamed stockings that are dramatic, peferct for me!


Also when purchasing stockings to wear with a garter belt look for a wider welt. A Welt is the top part of the stocking which will be fastened to your suspender belt clips. I look for a strong, thick and wide welt so that my stockings last longer but also are easier to fasten to the clip and are not so likely to puncture a hole and ladder the stocking.


I highly recommend a good metal clip on your garter belt or suspender belt. Not only will it make you feel stricter, but they make for a saucier soiree. Most suspender belts will have a cheap plastic clip. This is really disappointing, although I understand that suspender belts are no longer used for daily wearing and are more reserved for the boudoir.


Plastic clips can snap, but worst of all they do not have the best grip on your stockings, so after a few hours wear they stocking can slip out leading to embarrassing situations...



When choosing a garter belt think about how many suspender straps you would like. If you want to wear stockings for more than just antics in the bedroom you should consider four or more straps for best hold-up results and security. The best results are usually belts with twelve suspender straps. But at this point you'll need to ask another question...

Briefs under or above the suspender belt?


Aside from this rather important debatable point, I recommend three straps for each leg. These are the most easily purchased suspender belts with metal clips. Brands such as Kiss Me Deadly and What Katie Did are the best brands to purchase a metal clipped belt from.