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Get The Look: Superheroines! Part 1

It's not long until Halloween; time to start planning your costume (or you could just be a superhero any day of the week, your call). And nothing says "badass" more than a reinvention of classic superheroines!

Patience, who has been interning over at our sister brand Whistle & Wolf (check out the blog!), has put together some stylish and affordable versions of these awesome heroes! 


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, also known as Diana, Princess of Themyscira is the quintessential female superhero. A member of the ‘big three’ of DC Comics along with Batman and Superman (yet the only one without a blockbuster movie, tut tut DC), Amazon Princess Diana’s trademarks are her passion for justice, equality, her golden lasso of truth and her bullet deflecting bracelets. WW and her image have reached an iconic status within popular culture with the 1970’s TV show starring Lynda Carter still beloved by fans and even a Mac makeup collection under her belt! A character who first appeared in comics in 1942, Wonder Woman’s costume has become a classic, so channel her look with retro hair and make-up, metallic accessories and bold red white and blue!

The Love vintage stitch corset is the perfect shade of red for an inspired Diana costume!

1. Wonder Woman High Rise Knickers by kickerrocker on Etsy - £13.84

2. Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo by MAC - £15 

3. Smooth Double Cuffs by ASOS CURVE - £15  

4. Gold Eagle necklace by ARK - £11.99 

5. Red Star Stud Earrings at - £6.82 



Although not quite as well known as Wonder Woman, Zatanna is a popular superheroine in her own right with a signature style.  Like her father Giovanni Zatara, Zatanna Zatara is both a stage magician and a real magic user with skills in sorcery and illusion.  Fun fact: when making spells, Zatanna speaks backwards! She has had relationships with both Batman and Constantine, proving she definitely has a preference for bad boys! Channelling old style magicians, Zatanna usually styles herself in a modified top-and-tails, along with her trademark fishnets.

Our Red Satin Waspie would be a great waist-cinching replacement for Zatanna’s traditional waistcoat!

1. Fishnet Tights by What Katie Did at Playful Promises - £9

2. Blouse with Bow Tie by ASOS - £32 

3. Tuxedo Jacket by Whistle and Wolf - £65 

4. Top Hat by Catarzi at ASOS - £30 

5. Sequin Knicker Shorts by Fashion Union - £20