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Minibreak Style Tips: Barcelona

We’re full swing into Spring (allegedly) and here at PPHQ we are eagerly looking forward to throwing off our coats and gloves and donning our best Whistle & Wolf frocks for a bit of a frolic in the sunshine. I mean – it’s almost June, how far off can those elusive golden rays be?  A glance out of the window confirms that despite swapping our woolly tights for seamed stockings and chunky boots for strappy sandals, we’re no less likely to be caught in a deluge that’d give Glastonury '05 a run for its money.


As the drab grey skies stretch out over the city and bedraggled people bustle by holding umbrellas that seem to have a spooky ability to poke a woman of my height right in the eye, it may seem like that well-earned summer holiday one has been fantasising about is a far off dream.  


But never fear! I have come up with a simple yet effective solution to these mid-May mopes, which I am going to share with you all now. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to figure it out. Are you ready? Brace yourself.


One word: MINIBREAK.


From Reykjavik to Rome, Palermo to Prague, there are plenty of chic European destinations suitable for a weekend away in which to flash your new Playful Promises bikini, make a splash in our swimwear or glam up in something  quirky and/or classy from our Whistle and Wolf clothing collection.


So here are some city style tips for one of my favourite places on earth - Barcelona!



I first visited Barcelona whilst travelling through Europe in my teens; it seized my heart instantly and hasn’t yet let go.  It’s a fun, playful, vibrant city that nonetheless has a grown-up side – there’s plenty of culture and history to be explored at your leisure, but when the evening hits, you’ll be spoilt for choice with fantastic seafood restaurants, great live music establishments, and bars serving traditional cava and Catalan tapas titbits to keep you going til the early hours. Wardrobe-wise you’ll want an all-rounder if you’re planning on hitting the city after dark, which is when it really comes to life – our classic red dress is versatile, timeless styling at its best, and paired with our tuxedo jacket you’ll look the part wherever your evening takes you.

The seafront has an urban feel to it but there is golden sand for those determined for beachtimes. If you’re feeling daring the Barcelonans think nothing of whipping off their kit for that all-over tan!  However, if you’re not feeling the let-it-all-hang-out vibe, our digital Hawaii bikini with its parrot and floral print reflects the bright and bold nature of this city (which is home to flocks of colourful parakeets!), and will allow you to get a headstart on your sun-kissed look way ahead of your pasty pals back home.

Send us a postcard, won’t you!