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Inside Playful Promises: Diary of an Intern

Hello, my name is Caitlin and I'm currently a PR and Marketing intern here at Playful Promises! I am absolutely loving my time here, and the staff are all lovely!


The staff, especially Delphine and Anna, gave me a warm welcome and I felt like an instant member of the team. The great thing about Playful Promises is that it is a self-contained company, so everything is done in-house, strengthening the integrity of the brand itself; everything that you see has gone past everyone in the office.


How to save a vintage tea set - Salt, water and Baking soda!


I am really grateful for this opportunity and I am learning so much here at Playful Promises. In the short space of time that I have been here I have done so many different things, from cleaning a vintage coffee set to posting on the Playful Promises blog, Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter pages and I have enjoyed every moment. I am a person who needs variety in a job role, and this internship is suiting me down to the ground as no two days are the same!


I am really getting a chance to fully experience what it would be like to work in this amazing company as I am here for three months – which is great because I get to see projects and events from the very beginning right through to the end!


In my short time here I have already helped with a press event – which involved a lot of call rounds to different magazines, newpapers and bloggers (if you’re not very confident on the phone and want to go into marketing, I suggest you practise because it can be a big part of the job!), finding props for the venue, organizing samples and the venue.



Playful Promises Boxpark Boutique is lovely as well! I was sent there to photograph the shop and its products and meet the staff and let me tell you, the staff at the boutique are just as warm and welcoming as they are in the office, making any experience with Playful Promises as a brand a great one!


I have definitely learnt that a career in PR and Marketing involves lots of things that didn’t even cross my mind! I have been conducting a lot of research into different places, people and publications which has been a fairly big part of what I have been doing here so make sure you get well acquainted with Google and other search engines if you want to be in PR.


In my time here I have become well acquainted with Playful Promises products and I have seen how well-made, well-designed and manufactured they all are – in fact, being an intern here is not doing my purse any favours as I want it all! I have seen next season’s product ranges and you all have a lot to look forward too!


As I am only in the third week of my internship I am looking forward to so many things that I will be getting up to! I am especially looking forward to helping and becoming more involved with the Boutique's Facebook page – it is definitely worth a ‘Like’ – you never know what juicy Playful deals and bargains you are missing out on! I am also really looking forward to contributing more to the Playful blog as loads of really interesting stuff is on here and its definitely worth a read! 


Well there you have it, that is just a quick summary of everything that I have been doing here at Playful Promises so if you have any questions or queries about my internship and what I am doing here, please feel free to ask, I would love to hear from you!