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Lady Unmentionable: Where to find slips



Can you recommend any places to buy slips, I too suffer from the garter belt showing slightly through clothes ? X

- Lorraine (Via the Playful Promises Facebook)


For those not in the know, a slip is an undergarment worn between lingerie and clothing, helping clothing hang more smoothly, creating a desirable shape. The slip offers many benefits such as preventing certain fabrics irritating the skin, protecting finer fabrics from perspiration and also offering warmth to the wearer.


In the 1920’s slips were introduced as an alternative to corsets, fitting in with the looser fashion of the time as well as freeing up metal to be used for the production of essentials for World War l. Obviously the slip isn’t getting as much praise as it deserves; not only did it allow women a new form of freedom, but helped the war effort!


As Lorraine has mentioned, wearing a slip does wonders for smoothing down what I call "garter bumps" when wearing tight-fitting clothing. Not only that but it's a sexy little piece of lingerie in itself!


Playful Promises currently offers a few slips on sale, including gorgeous silk chemises in jade and lilac, which both come with matching panties. If you'd also like a little bit of a quirky update to the traditional slip, why not go for the Lyla Playsuit in Black or Blush?



If that doesn't tickle your fancy, slips and teddies are available from a variety of retailers on the internet, some of our favourites include Kiss Me Deadly and Ayten Gasson!


Also, if you happen to be popping by the Playful Promises Boxpark boutique make sure you also visit Brick Lane with its cute vintage shops and grab yourself an authentically vintage bargain!