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Make Halloween Playful!

Halloween is creeping up on us - we’ve already got our pumpkin-carving knifes at the ready. The invites are rolling in for fancy dress parties or events, but are you still stuck for a costume? No worries, because Playful have got you sorted for last-minute costume ideas! Even better, our UK customers can get their orders sent via 24 hour delivery, and US and Canada customers get theirs within 1-5 days. For everyone else, it’s around 10 working days from dispatch so get in there fast!

Costume Idea #1 - Vampira


Otherwise known as Maila Nurmi, best known for her role as the glamour ghoul seductress from cult movie Plan 9 From Outer Space. Her killer waist could easily be replicated with our incredible Bettie Page Vinyl Fetish corset. Cinch it over a floor-length, figure-hugging dress and draw those eyebrows high and pointy! The bodysuit from the Kitten Costume would be a good substitute for the dress, paired with a floor-length skirt (or even some creative draping of black velvet!)

Costume Idea #2 - Madonna

Recreate this iconic Madonna-in-Jean-Paul-Gaultier look with the Peach Futuristic Retro Bullet Bra. Pair with some black tights and a Peach High Waist Brief, and cinch your waist with a belt. Scrape your hair into a high pony and slick some red lipstick on, along with strong eyebrows.

Costume Idea #3 - Devilish Bettie Page

This image inspired our version of the Devil Costume! This costume is very low-maintenance as we’ve done all the work for you by creating a bodysuit with a hood and tail. If you want to recreate Bettie’s look, pop on some sheer black tights. For a cheekier look, go bare-legged with some killer heels.

Costume Idea #4 - Black Cat

Bettie Page cat outfit.jpg

A black cat is a classic Halloween costume idea! Especially if you leave it to the last minute, hastily drawing some whiskers on your face and fashioning a tail out of a pair of old tights. Polish this look with the Bettie Page Kitten Costume! We think this would look fabulous with some fishnets.

Costume Idea #5 - Magenta from Rocky Horror

Bettie Page apron.jpg

Any lingerie lover is familiar with Rocky Horror - we all want an excuse to head to the theatre in a corset and stockings! Recreate the iconic Magenta costume with our Bettie Page Maid Costume. Make them shiver with antici……PATION by wearing it as is, or if you want to cover up a little more, wear a black dress with the apron over the top.

Costume Idea #6 - Beetlejuice

Beatrix ivory core.jpg

Become the Ghost with the Most in the Beatrix Ivory set! Wear the waspie over a black and white outfit with a little of the bra showing, powder your face to get that ghoulish look and go crazy with the black eyeshadow.

Costume Idea #7 - Baywatch Babe


This super-easy, super-90s costume is for those who don’t mind it being a bit chilly out this Halloween! All you need is the Hally swimsuit from our sister brand Wolf & Whistle a rescue buoy and some beachy waves in your hair to get the look. Extra points if you slow-motion run everywhere..

Which costume idea is your favourite? Will you be wearing Playful Promises for Halloween this year? If so, tag us in your looks on Instagram!