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Hooked on a Feeling Part #3 - Wearing Habits

So last week we spoke to five wonderful lingerie addicts about how lingerie affects their mood; Amber - the full bust blogger from Scarlet's LetterWen - another full bust blogger shopping on a student budget from Comics Girls Need Bras Laura - a small bust blogger who writes on Morning MadonnaVicky - a photographer who specializes in lingerie & creative director of The Lingeristas, and finally Lamb, the small-bust blogger from Of Lambs and Lace. This week, we're asking them about their wearing habits - does lingerie have the same segregation as we do for clothing? Is there lingerie to avoid for everyday wear? Let's find out what they think!

Do you tend to separate everyday lingerie and special occasion lingerie, or is it just depending on how you feel that day?

Amber: I definitely wear what I like whenever I like. I feel like every day is special and I don't want to save my lingerie for special occasions, I feel like every day should be a special occasion! I buy a lot of beautiful lingerie, way more elaborate lingerie pieces than I do comfortable or "chill" pieces, so I feel a little like Cher in Clueless, shopping through my own collection for the look of the day.

Wen: It only depends on how I feel. I feel like life is too short to wait for special occasions. Also sometimes I need to feel powerful even on a normal day. Lingerie can bring the energy I need to be in a good mood sometimes.

Laura: There's nothing I keep aside for special occasions, I tend to reach for what I feel like wearing that day. Only delicate items are separated into "day off" lingerie so it doesn't get ruined at work. 

Lamb: Nope, everything to me is everyday lingerie unless it has a weird fit or a really delicate fabric. I just wear what I want, whenever I want and it's probably because i have like four special occasions a year and way more luxury lingerie than that, so it would be such a waste to never wear most of my collection.

Vicky: I separate them. I rarely wear my designer lingerie as every day, they’re always saved for something special. I have a completely different style when it comes to everyday wear.

Lamb, Laura & Amber wear what they like, when they like. Even if it's as extravagant as Anna!

Lamb, Laura & Amber wear what they like, when they like. Even if it's as extravagant as Anna!

Is there any lingerie you avoid wearing for a normal day?

Amber: Some of my more delicate bras, I will try not too wear them too often, as to not stretch out the fabric. especially if the bra is something fragile or has embellishments that could fall off during all-day wear.

WenYes, I have some unpractical lingerie sets which are not appropriate for a normal day (ahah just like my lovely Miranda). But sometimes if I have the right clothes to hide the "unpracticality" of those sets I can wear them for a normal day.

LauraDaily, I avoid wearing pieces made of very delicate fabrics or items decorated with appliqué. Working as a visual merchandiser for a rather large brand and in a fast paced environment means I'm on my feet for eight hours a day moving heavy equipment and my clothing would rub and ruin anything delicate. Those pieces are kept aside for lounging in the evening or for days off, which are much more chilled.

Lamb: Depends on the day, my outfit, the weather, etc. Lots of factors but I guess my suspenders get least wear because of my short skirt affinity.

Vicky: I can’t wear soft cup bras as a lot of my tops are a very snug fit and I hate VBLs! They also don’t seem to shape your body as nicely when worn under clothing.

Wen doesn't wear her Miranda for everyday lingerie... Any guesses why?!

Wen doesn't wear her Miranda for everyday lingerie... Any guesses why?!

Do you tend to match your outfit with your lingerie?

Amber: I do this quite often! A lot of times, if I am wearing a red dress, I'll love red lingerie, etc. A lot of times I'll find myself even matching my nail polish to my lingerie of the day, or my handbag or heels to match my bra and panties (which I *need* to match, I'm not much of a mix-matcher when it comes to bras/knickers). Even if no one else sees it, it just feels like an extension of my usual fashion, another layer to my style.

WenActually I like doing that. But it's not always possible.

 Laura: Normally I build my outfits around my lingerie. I'll start with a statement bra and then choose other garments that work with it. I don't buy a lot of clothing but when I do I buy it based on how I can make it work with my lingerie. The lingerie is much more important to me than the clothing when it comes to creating outfits!

Lamb: Sometimes! It truly depends on how lazy I am when I put together my outfit. Often my lingerie choices have a lot more thought put into them than my clothes but I wear lingerie that compliments my outfits a lot, particularly when it comes to flattering shapes under tight clothes, and I'm a repeat offender of the underwear as outerwear trend. 

VickySometimes, but only really when I’m wearing something a bit more special that my everyday clothing. I also try to make sure I wear a bra the same colour as my tops, so they aren’t visible underneath!

Matching lingerie with outerwear, like the Ada set & mini-mono!

Matching lingerie with outerwear, like the Ada set & mini-mono!