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Hooked on a Feeling Part #2: Buying Habits

So last week we spoke to five wonderful lingerie addicts about their wearing habits; Amber - the full bust blogger from Scarlet's LetterWen - another full bust blogger shopping on a student budget from Comics Girls Need Bras Laura - a small bust blogger who writes on Morning MadonnaVicky - a photographer who specializes in lingerie & creative director of The Lingeristas, and finally Lamb, the small-bust blogger from Of Lambs and Lace. This week, we're asking them about their buying habits

Are there any styles that you lust after, but never purchase?

Amber: Bralettes! I love bralettes and many gorgeous styles that are beautiful but don't offer a lot of support. Usually I'll skip out of those, but not all the time. I'm usually open to buying nearly anything as long as I love it, but bralettes do tend to get overlooked in my buying habits.

Wen: Yes I really want to try some strappy styles and also some bodysuits with underwires but it's hard to find a fashion bra that fits well and is not too expensive for my student budget and it's quite the same for bodysuits. 

LauraOpen cup bras. They don't look so great on my shallow chest. I've grown happy with what I've got but they are the only style that makes me wish I had fuller, rounder boobs. However, as they are often completely unpractical it's not a real heart ache. It's probably better for my bank balance that I don't like how they look on me or I'd end up with a drawer full of unpractical bras and no money.

Lamb: Do Balconette bras count? Because they do not work for my shallow bust at all and make up almost 50% of the lingerie I covet. 

Vicky: I really love the look of balconette bras, but because of the style I rarely buy them, as I rarely wear anything that a balconette bra can complement.

Laura avoids open-cup bras, even if they're super cute like Show Time!

Laura avoids open-cup bras, even if they're super cute like Show Time!

Do you prefer to shop online or in store, and why?

Amber: I love online shopping, because literally all of my favorite lingerie brands and shops are at my fingertips! I am loyal to a lot of brands, so I usually know what size will work best for me even without trying a piece on. When I try a brand for the first time, I have no problem buying before I can try it on. Most places take returns, and to me, shopping for lingerie IN my lingerie is just so much fun and relaxing! No waiting in lines, just glasses of wine ;)

Wen I do prefer to shop online because I have more choices and I don't have to deal with the feeling that I am bothering the lingerie fitter when I finally decide to not buy something after trying a lot of bras. But at the end that would be more comfortable to be able to try my bras on before spending money in them, especially the unusual ones.

LauraUnfortunately Scotland lacks in any decent lingerie boutiques so I shop almost exclusively online. Shopping on the web has given me better access to brands that I find aesthetically appealing and those who sell my size. Although the fear of items not matching the size chart is a constant fear when buying. Being able to order custom made sizes from indie brands online is fantastic though and so far I've been really pleased with the results when I've used this service and gotten some wonderfully fitting pants. 

Vicky: It really depends what I’m buying. For bras, I much prefer shopping in store so I can try them on as some styles work and some don’t. Because of my small sizing, shops rarely have the size I need in store so I tend to have to buy online. I also like the ability to see the quality of the material so in store is usually my preferred choice.


The majority vote is that shopping online is the way forward!

The majority vote is that shopping online is the way forward!

Do you have styles of lingerie that you buy way too much of?

Amber: I'm a babydoll addict, and I have so so many bras, but when it comes to lingerie, I never feel like there is "too much", because there are constantly new styles and colorways being released, and always something new to catch my interest.

WenHum actually I am buying sheer balconette bras as if I couldn't have enough of them in my wardrobe. Sometimes I think I should try to wear more colorful styles (like prints for example).

Laura: There's not really a style but more a fabric, I LOVE black mesh! Luckily all my black mesh items go together so it's easy to throw on two mesh items and be matching without even trying before having to leg it for the bus to work at 6am.

Lamb: Yes, strappy black pieces. Can't stop and won't stop investing in them. I just layer them all up and wear as many at once so I don't feel wasteful about buying them.

Vicky: I buy so many high-waisted briefs yet I never wear clothing that complements me wearing them. I should probably hold back on those purchases and go for the more sensible, hipster cut!

Wen thinks she should try some more prints, like our colourful Sasha set!

Wen thinks she should try some more prints, like our colourful Sasha set!