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Hooked on a Feeling Part #1 - Lingerie & Mood

Does lingerie have an emotional connection to the person wearing it? Can it alter or enhance your mood? We spoke to five wonderful lingerie addicts about how lingerie affects their mood; Amber - the full bust blogger from Scarlet's Letter, Wen - another full bust blogger shopping on a student budget from Comics Girls Need Bras,  Laura - a small bust blogger who writes on Morning Madonna, Vicky - a photographer who specializes in lingerie, and finally Lamb, the small-bust blogger from Of Lambs and Lace. Five different women, with different tastes and needs. So, let's find out...

How does lingerie make you feel?

AmberEmpowered. Sexy. Confident. Lingerie just makes me feel good. Wearing pretty lingerie feels like an act of self-care. I'm able to feel good about myself, while wearing comfortable lingerie when I feel like it, or wearing sexy playful lingerie when I feel like it. I feel like as women any act of self love and care does indeed feel like a revolution, and I'm all about making beautiful lingerie a part of my daily routine.

Wen: I am actually a pretty shy person. I have a lack of self-confidence even if I am sure my pictures show the opposite.. It's hard for me to express myself in public. Lingerie helped a lot when I was a teen. It is still helping me now. It makes me feel like I am in control, like I can do everything because my body is okay with that.

LauraFor me it depends on the set. Lots of straps, mesh and lace up detailing can make me feel incredibly badass and strong, giving me a confidence boost. Until about a year or so ago I wasn't really a confident person but wearing lingerie that made me feel strong really helped me fake it until I truly felt it. Simpler cotton and jersey sets are what I find comforting and I tend to wear them when I'm feeling low and just want to feel cared for. Others are simply just enjoyable pieces to wear and can perk up my mood. Lingerie is very deeply ingrained into my self care rituals. 

Vicky: Lingerie is a real confidence booster for me. Even when it is worn for comfort, certain styles can make me feel great about myself.

LambLingerie is a form of therapy for me. I long ago made my peace with the notion that I'd never like everything about myself, or even come close to that but lingerie helps. It helps me like my body and it helps me to elevate my moods when I'm on a low. I adopted a 'treat your self' attitude when I was 17 to tackle my worst days of negative self reflection and that evolved naturally into a lingerie collection I feel proud to have earned my lingerie, I feel happy in myself wearing my lingerie and there's no forgetting that purchasing it helped me out in a momentary lapse of confidence.

Strappy detailing makes Laura feel like a total badass

Strappy detailing makes Laura feel like a total badass

Do you have any go-to styles when you need luck?

Amber: I love going to bras that make me feel ultra supported and sexy, one of my go-tos lately has been the Playful Promises Cordelia set, it's so pretty, gives me great support and shape, and it works really well with my body to give me stellar cleavage.

Wen: Well, when I need luck I go with my most comfy style. It has to be as cute as comfy, and discreet under clothes in term of cleavage. A set that makes me feel like everything is going to be okay.

LauraOnly recently! In November I sat my driving test and wore a red lingerie set. I feel absolutely fantastic in this set, it fits my body so well. Not only is red my favourite colour, it also symbolises good fortune in Chinese culture, so I figured it would hurt to wear it. It must have worked as I passed! I haven't been in any situation since where I've needed luck but it's in the back of my mind that if I do, I should wear this set.

Vicky: A good, old fashioned plunge bra! 

Lamb: I don't believe in luck. But being born a Manchester City fan means I was raised to consider red as a colour to be avoided, so I guess I don't wear any red lingerie on match days?

Amber likes to wear her Cordelia when she needs luck!

Amber likes to wear her Cordelia when she needs luck!

 Do you have any go-to styles when you're feeling blue?

Amber: I love something like a bodysuit, something that just wraps me up, like a robe or babydoll. I like pieces that move with me when I'm feeling down, something I could snuggle up with and fall asleep in if I'd like.   

WenWhen I am feeling blue, I often want to go with a bralette or the opposite, something impressive and very feminine. 

Laura: If I'm just not feeling my oats, a sports style bra and jersey fabrics are what I reach for. I have a grey cotton set which is the main set I put on when I'm feeling low. It was gifted to me by someone rather special and even though it's simple in design, it makes me feel closer to the gift giver and lifts my mood. The fact it's so pleasant to wear combined with the emotional element makes it a really comforting set for me.

Vicky: Something comfortable but with a little something extra, like some pretty lace or a nice pattern.

LambI tend to buy complicated, strappy designs on these days, but then again I just tend to buy them anyway? So not really, my blue days are generally spent caring about something other than my underwear.

Wen likes to wear bralettes when she's feeling blue

Wen likes to wear bralettes when she's feeling blue

Can lingerie change your mood?

Amber: It can enhance my mood, and change it for the better. Sometimes if I'm having a bad day, I'll do a little lingerie retail therapy, and get the excitement of adding a piece I've been lusting after to my collection. Or if I'm feeling a little confident and sexy, wearing a piece of lingerie that makes me feel like looks good on me, just makes me feel even more so. My lingerie collection is like a mood ring, it's varied and definitely includes all colors and styles and depending on how I feel can effect which piece I choose to wear.

WenHell yeah! Maybe this is one of the only things that can change my mood in a second. It's strange how my heart can beat faster in front of a set that I love or on the opposite, how I can feel sad when I am disappointed about lingerie.

Laura: Most definitely, sometimes dramatically. If I'm feeling sad, putting one of my favourite sets can perk me up enough that I can get through my day. On days when I'm feeling great, wearing something I also feel great in can really cement that feeling of happiness. 

VickyYes, definitely. If Iā€™m feeling a bit self-conscious, wearing a set that makes me feel good can really brighten my mood.

LambIt's not the lingerie in itself that changes moods, it's the notion behind the lingerie. But the simple answer is yes.