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Makeup Tips and Trends: Michelle Court

Following on from my previous makeup post, meet bubbly Essex lass Michelle Court who, similar to Katie, decided she wanted to be a makeup artist as a teen when she discovered the transformation mascara made to her eyes. She began experimenting with electric blue mascara (memories for all those 90s kids!).

Multi-talented, trained in airbrushing, special effects and hairdressing, Michelle has been using her creativity in the industry for over a decade and with her incredible experiences any makeup artist aspires to have her success. 

We asked Michelle a few questions about her career, for all those daunted by their future in the industry as a makeup artist. 

What was it like after years of studying to become a professional makeup artist and then be out inthe big wide word on your first paid job?

I remember I felt very nervous on set with my hands shaking, worrying that your work isn’t going to be liked. After I’d finished the makeup and shown the model in the mirror I was still worrying but once the photographer commented ‘the makeup looks great on camera’ there was a sigh of relief, which helped build my confidence. Each shoot from there onwards my confidence has grown.

What has been your favourite job so far and why?

I like the fast pace of a fashion show, but editorial shoots allow me to be more creative and bold. Each shoot is different and I enjoy them all, but the most memorable one I will never forget is Ibiza. I get to travel with work but on this particular occasion I got to stay on an elite 5* yacht, shoot in beautiful million pound villas and magical secluded beaches.

Have you ever been on a shoot and it was an absolute nightmare?

The most awkward moment in my entire career was working on celebrity model Janice Dickinson; she was rude and erratic, bad mouthing all the beautiful models and to top it off said ‘don’t you know who I am?’! I smiled and nodded politely. Once I’d finished working on her face I said ‘ok, you can look in the mirror’ and as she turned to look; our heads collided and I ended up head-butting her!

Finally, for this season will the electric blue mascara be making a reappearance in your makeup bag?

I love experimenting; especially using bold and exciting colours which work well on camera for high fashion shots; but I also like neutral shades. Bright Sugarpill loose powders can create a great look with a subtle lip from Shien cosmetics. My motto is: you’re only as good as your last work, so experiment and enjoy!

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