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Love Bomb 2014: DAY SIX

For this year’s LOVEBOMB we are getting naked... well metaphorically. We are stepping behind the independent lingerie brands to look at the women behind the brands.

Each day, starting from today, each brand will have a special promo and giveaway as we all introduce our fans to one another. For details of each brand's giveaway, make sure you check their facebooks!

lovebomb14 dc423d.jpg

Friday 7th: Little Women

This was started by Fiona. Much like Lorriane she herself spotted a gap in the market. Nice lingerie for women who are of petite proportions. She gets a special mention for longevity having started her business many years before the rest of us.

Little Women are offering 30% off this cute bra for 24 hours

Make sure you like her facebook page for more details of her Love Bomb fun!


One of the nicest things about doing the LOVEBOMB this year was when all the ladies came to our studio at our office in London to do the photoshoot. It is so nice to speak with other women in business and see how they juggle all the commitments in their lives and discussing the trials and tribulations we all face as small independent female run brands.

One of the sad points of the day is that we didn’t have Velda Lauder who usually joined us for the LOVEBOMB due to her untimely passing last year. The inspiration she gave to us other female entrepreneurs was missed.