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Minibreak Style Tips: Como

The 66th annual Cannes Film Festival was a few weeks ago, and was, as usual, a veritable red-carpet of Hollywood stars and style-conscious celebs soaking up the spotlight. (So I’ve been told - I’ve never actually been to Cannes. Unless you count a camping holiday when I was 8.)


Ok so I didn’t get to attend the event, but I approve of the idea. There’s a part of me that’s always wondered what it would be like to be a screen siren living the high life in glamorous resorts in between shooting movies and having torrid love affairs with my leading men. Floppy hats and oversized sunglasses, paparazzi-dodging and hob-nobbing with the rich and famous - it’s a far cry from the reality of my usual day which tends to feature more running for buses and battling for the last salad at Pret, and fewer chauffeur-driven Bentleys and personal pastry chefs.


Strangely the tabloid press don’t seem too interested in documenting my days, which, I’m sure you’ll agree from that thrilling glimpse into my world, would make for compelling reading. However a girl can dream…and to that end, this week’s City Style Tips is dedicated to the gorgeous Lake Como, Italy, where I once spend a sumptuous long weekend swanning about and pretending I was in a Fellini movie. 


Romany Tea Dress | Magenta Bikini Top | Magenta Bikini Brief | Rorschach Kimono


There is definitely something cinematic about Como – maybe the fact that it’s been used as a backdrop in countless films, such as Oceans Twelve, Casino Royale and er, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. (It also counts George Clooney amongst its famous residents, if that sort of thing interests you…) It’s a great excuse to embrace the escapism and try something different.


Our Romany tea dress, with its pretty but striking rose print, has a soft femininity to it which is also bold and bright, both classic and contemporary, like Como itself. The lightweight fabric is perfect for beating the heat as you explore the old town, enjoy a pleasure cruise, or take in the amazing galleries and villas around the lake.    


If you happen to be in Como in mid-June, look out for the wonderful dance festival Swing Crash – it’s difficult to miss with lindyhopping couples filling the streets and live music until the early hours. Hundreds of sharply dressed hep cats and kittens make it their mission to cut a rug come rain or shine, and with competitions, classes and dance-offs in the central square of the town centre, you’ll be grateful for a cool frock with a loose skirt if you decide to join in the fun!


It’s not a great idea to go swimming in the lake itself, as the waters can become choppy when speedboats (captained by louche Italian playboys) zip past. But there are several local ‘beach clubs’ or lidos which provide a place to meet, sunbathe and swim, with a beachhouse bar serving up the favourite local tipple of ‘spritz’. If you’re planning on taking a dip, a one-piece is advisable (or risk an embarrassing bikini malfunction – this warning comes from experience) but if it’s lounging in the sun whilst looking every inch the movie star that interests you, grab yourself one of our magenta bandeau bikinis before they sell out (swimwear is flying fast off our shelves at the moment!) and a Rorschach Kimono Jacket to drape around your shoulders when the sun dips behind a cloud.


And if you do happen to end up partying on a yacht with Clooney and co, don’t forget to invite me – I’ve already done my packing…


Lydia x