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Lady Unmentionable: What to wear with Corsets


I bought one of your lovely corsets but I am bit stuck as to what to wear it with?

This is a question that somewhat relies on knowing in which situation you are planning to wear your corset! I, of course, never shy away from the underwear as outerwear trend, as you can see above. Although I do admit that knickers are somewhat not considered acceptable wear for certain events (god knows why).


Popping to a cocktail evening or popping macaroons into your mouth while lounging in your boudoir, corsets thrive in both environments, yet need a little difference in what else you should wear (or not wear....). 


As you can see, I favour an overbust corset, although you may have chosen a luscious waspie to cinch in that waist (I'll talk a bit about what to wear with one of those a little later. Overbusts do most of the hard work for you, giving you support in the bust as well as shaping an hourglass curve. Some ladies prefer to wear a bra underneath the corset, depending on the cut of the bust. 



The Bound Cupped Corset is the perfect little thing for a bit of a bedroom tease (for extra tease points, wear nipple pasties underneath the corset) and can be worn with a black suspender belt, black briefs or nothing at all ;)


As for something a tad more demure, overbust corsets can be worn as tops, teamed with pencil skirts (as the lovely Undercover Lingerista did here) or even black skinny jeans to ensure you bring a touch of glam to a more casual event. 


Waspies are a little trickier, but can also work well for both formal shindigs or playtime. 


Team your waspie with either a fully matching or contrasting set of lingerie (e.g. black waspie, red lingerie or black waspie, black lingerie) for a saucy night in. Or take a look at the way we've styled these lovely ladies above, using pencil skirts, shirts and kimono jackets to create a gorgeous look for the evening. 


You could even take a leaf out of The Only Way Is Essex's Maria Fowler's book and wear a statement bra or bralet with a waspie and black skinny jeans!



Are you perplexed by panties? Shocked by suspenders? Send through your lingerie-related gripes to me at!