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Our most popular playful blog posts of 2012!


As I'm sure you are well aware, we have survived another year, despite a failed apocalypse and the UK transport network at a stand-still due to a bit of wet weather (what's new?).

And as it is the time for reflection, I thought I'd take a look at some of 2012's most popular blog posts!

Tailoring The '20s: Boardwalk Empire

One of our most popular posts from back in April is all about the costumes behind prohibition-based drama, Boardwalk Empire. The 1920s was an important time for women, and it is reflected in the exquisite reproduction costumes. Now that I've finished watching the third season I may go back and write a new blog post about some of the lingerie featured!

Retro Fetish: John Willie and The Bizarre

In May I wrote a little bit about the Leonardo da Vinci of the fetish world.... John Willie. Accompanying the post we shot some images inspired by his risque artwork!

Burlesque Past and Present: The Sad Story of Faith Bacon

Stars rise and fall, and this Ziegfeld beauty was just one example.

This Means War: Big Knickers Vs G-Strings

For a few months over the Summer we had the pleasure of working with Caitlin, who was interning for us. One of the blog posts she wrote was all about the war of the knickers!

Memento Mori: Victorian Mourning Lingerie

Delphine delved into some Victorian petticoats to find out just how far mourning wear went.

Couture Rubber: Kaori's Latex Dreams 

 All the most fashionable celebs are wearing it, but how can you incorporate it into an outfit?

What has been your favourite Playful Blog post this year? Why not have a dig around our archives?