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Love Bomb: Kriss Soonik


Kriss Soonik, Fraulein Kink and Natacha Marro shoes modelled by Tessa Kuragi. Photo by Anna Swiczeniuk, MUA by Cheyenne Raymond

The phrase “loungerie” is relatively new to the lingerie world, having become popular around 2009. The word conjures up images of exactly what it represents – a cross between the sexiness of lingerie and the comfort and versatility of loungewear. Loungerie blurs the fashion boundaries, quite fitting to today’s trend of celebrities in nothing but their under crackers.


Kriss Soonik launched her collection of fresh lingerie and loungerie in 2008, starting a new wave in the already-snowballing underwear as outerwear trend. Her velour gowns especially breeched the gap, working perfectly as warm winter dresses when teamed with thick socks and some faux fur!


Inspired by everything from Manga comics to cult films, Kriss believes that all women can be superheroes!  She also stands by bringing her work back to her home country of Estonia, ensuring that all her designs are handmade there.


Susan Motion

A stunning new version of her popular Susan Motion lace bodysuit has got to be one of my favourites from her recent collection. In beautiful gold lace perfect for a Valentine’s Day, the limited edition just makes me want it even more!


Diana patent wrap

I LOVE kimonos and their influence on mainstream fashion and so the Diana wrap is right up my street. I particularly love how versatile it is, perfect for all year round!

Keep your eyes peeled on Kriss Soonik's blog, Twitter and Facebook for details on how to win a Kristel Turtle neck suspender top!