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Dear Lady Unmentionable...

Having recently been given the challenge to spice up my lingerie-loving wife's 'dress up' wardrobe, perhaps you could help me with my quest...

 1. Should i always get a suspender belt to go with corsets or basques or stick to ones that come with straps on them?

2. Can you recommend leather lingerie that is classy and not trashy? (and not £100!)

3. Are there any accessories to go with outfits i should be looking at?

Many thanks for any advice, it can be a daunting prospect!

Yours hopefully,

Lacy McThong


Dear Lacy McThong,


What a challenge! I like your wife’s style and what an interesting way to ‘spice’ things up.


Suspender belts are great fun as well as useful. Two in one! I always encourage the use of suspender belts as they can be a great tease in the bedroom. However, I think suspender belts should be a part of everyday wardrobe too. So if you do get your wife some suspender belts make sure you get some nice stockings too! I love the Bettie Page polka dot ones…but by far the most popular are the Cervin Stockings.


Cervin offer various stocking colours which can be matched with your wife’s outfit. And stockings are also a thrill inside and outside of the bedroom.


Suspender belts and girdles can be easy to match other items to. Playful Promises offer a black option, Jasmine, which I lurve. And this can be matched with a black corset, a black basque etc. You may want to consider longline girdles, such as the ones Kiss Me Deadly offer. These are almost a mixture of basque, corset and suspender belt – gripping!


In answer to your first question; definitely get a mixture! Make sure your wife has a choice of corsets, suspender belts and basques. Some with suspenders, and some without. That way she can pick and mix and you’ll get some lovely surprises every time!


Women easily change their mind, therefore their wardrobe needs to be adaptable. Having a variety of props, accessories, pieces of lingerie means more to choose from, more opportunities to mix and match and more special occasions for you! My lingerie lock-up reads like an encyclopedia, with several volumes. I have so much choice in my closet, I can create new outfits all the time from just what I own. Think Mix and Match.


In response to your second question, leather lingerie can be a difficult one and your budget is tight! I would suggest looking into leather accessories, such as cuffs and ties that way you get more bang for your buck, so to speak.

I would recommend Paul Seville’s leather gauntlets. A little pricey, but they are real leather, and this offers you leather lingerie and accessories in one go. They look great and what a great weekend ahead for you both! Allure Lingerie offer a tasteful lace and leather bra and brief set, rather cute and not just a bedroom ensemble.


There are also various bra and brief sets with leather, leather and chain, leather and pain, around the £50 budget. Perhaps not what most would call tasteful, but it depends what you are looking for and what occasion.


Online is a brilliant place to shop for these, search on google and google shopping and you will also find a large amount to offer in leather corsetry, waspies and accessories.


With regards to accessories, other than the stockings mentioned above, I think you should be considering nipple tassels and eye masks. Stephanie Loungewear offers some beautiful pieces.


I think they make ideal gifts, stocking fillers, a little something here and there and with so much variety and being inexpensive they are great treats.


There are some superb eye masks around from silks to laces to antique masks to blindfolds and more. Sleek lace eye masks can be tantalising but are also a key accessory for travelling and for sleepless nights.


If you like the lacy theme, then you can carry this on with lace gloves. Again you can get inexpensive versions on the high street, vintage ones that will cost a little more and bespoke pairs for a ridiculous amount. But gloves are great part of the strip-tease act and a must-have wardrobe accessory.


We wish you luck with your quest and I’m keen to know what you uncover!