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Halloween Competition Winner

Our Halloween costume competition is now closed!

Thank you to everyone that entered, we had such fantastic entries it was extremely difficult to choose which we liked the best! We had everything from sexy takes on classic costumes, to the downright bizarre! 

However, we can only have one winner......

How about an Occupy Wallstreet costume? It's quite perfect for attending a Halloween party! You would start out with a very smart suit and pencil skirt set, complete with blouse and necktie. You'd carry a suitcase with little Monopoly bills poking out the sides. As the night goes on, you slyly remove pieces of clothing and tuck them into your little suitcase. By the end of the night your costume consists of a pair of green pasties with little black crystal dollar signs on them, and a bright red g-string with "The 1%" embroidered on it. It may be political and somewhat controversial, but by the end of the night everyone will agree- that dang 1% has got to go.

Congratulations Angelina for this super sexy yet relevant entry ;) Just send me an email with your size requirements and shipping address, and your PP goodie bag will be on it's way very soon!